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Backfilling Historical Costs

Applying costs to reports that say "Not Set" to calculate historical profits

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If your sales report shows many products that say "Not Set", that indicates these products did not have a lot cost set at the time of sale. 

This is most common when looking at Sales Reports from a time that was before Thrive was installed. Thrive does not know what your products cost before we were managing things, so no retroactive profit calculation is made automatically.

But, you can use the 'backfill costs for prior sales' button to update this.

Using the Current Default Cost to Backfill Old Sales

In the Advanced tab in the Settings section of Thrive, you'll find the option to use the current default cost for all sales that don't have a cost entered. 

Once a product's historical sale costs have been backfilled those costs cannot be altered so make sure you have the correct default cost entered on the Product Details page before you run this task. 

  • NOTE: Sales costs for bundles cannot be backfilled, as they are fixed based on component costs at the time of sale.

Still not sure if this is the right task for you? No worries, just start a chat with us and we can help you figure it out!

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