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Basic information on uploading images from products.

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Basic Requirements

  • JPEG (.jpg), PNG (.png), or WebP (.webp) formats

  • Maximum size: 5MB

  • Maximum width and height: 2048 x 2048

  • Avoid CMYK color spaces in JPG files

Integration-specifics requirements


Clover does not support images.

Shopify & WooCommerce

Additional images can be linked using the product description. Just make sure to link directly to the image. The easiest way is to right-click and select "Copy Image Address" on whichever site hosts the image and then paste it into the product description field in Thrive.

Why are my images being uploaded sideways?

Most cameras store an "orientation" flag on the image file according to how the camera was physically rotated when the picture was taken. Some photo apps read this information to auto-rotate your display without rotating the image itself.

When this happens, uploading an image that appears to be oriented correctly is easy, but you will see it sideways in Thrive.

To fix this, open the photo in a photo editor, rotate the image, save it, and upload it again.

Why are my images recolored in PDF files?

The software that creates PDF files has trouble with certain JPG files. If you find that the colors of your images are inverted, we recommend replacing your image with either a PNG file or a JPG file that uses an RGB color space.

Things to Note:

  • Thrive will automatically push pictures to the point of sale/web store (if supported).

  • Images can be added to individual variants.

  • Images can be added and managed using the "Manage Images" button on the product page:

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