Assemblies: Recipe (Example)

Combine raw ingredients into a tray of muffins for a bakery.

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Use Assemblies to fulfill your recipes and ensure the proper quantities are deducted and credited. Assemblies take a group of products and turn them into a different final product.

The components/ingredients/materials you start off with are your input products. The final product will be your output and is usually the end sellable product for your customer. Instead of deducting and crediting quantities at the time of sale like a bundle, the products are deducted and credited when you choose.

If you are new to Assemblies, please start with this article:

Muffin Example

We make our own Blueberry Muffins in-house. Measuring out ingredients, mixing, baking, and allowing them to cool is a time-consuming process. We're not going to wait for a customer to order a muffin before we start making them, so we aren't going to wait on making the appropriate ingredient deductions either!

Instead, we measure, mix, and bake the muffins ahead of time. We create a recipe/template (to be used now and saved for later) and pick how many times we want to execute the recipe (i.e. how many muffins with want on hand for the day).

Each recipe, also known as a template, makes 1 tray (or eight muffins). We can run the template as many times as needed based on how many muffins we want to bake.

When we run the template, the correct quantities are deducted from the ingredients (flour, sugar, blueberries, etc) and the eight muffins will be added to our Blueberry Muffins quantity.

Now the morning crew can come in and do the prep work, and run the Assembly in Thrive Inventory for however many batches they make. This will ensure our ingredients are deducted properly and we know exactly how many blueberry muffins we have on hand.

To show you, we can take this recipe (which we've copied into the template for easy reference):

And then plug it in using our exact inventory and how those measurements are deducted:

To create our output:

Once the template/recipe is saved, we can move on to the Run sections and actually carry out the Assembly. Click on the Run section and then "Start Assembly" as shown here:

Add your template and the number of runs you would like Thrive to perform and select your Starting and Ending locations (and be sure to add any Fees). When that's set, click the "Run" button:

The next screen will be a preview of all the actions that are about to take place. If everything is looking good, click the "Continue Run" button:

  • NOTE: If you don't have sufficient quantities of a product to complete a Run, you will need to adjust those quantities before moving forward.

And that's it! The correct quantities are credited and debited and now we've got 64 delicious muffins to sell!

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