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Thrive University || Course 4, Lesson 3 || Creating & Using Custom Reports
Thrive University || Course 4, Lesson 3 || Creating & Using Custom Reports

An overview on creating Customer Reports with individual widgets to see at-a-glance, the metrics you want to see.

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In this lesson of Thrive University, we will show you how to create and use Custom Reports so you can quickly see the metrics that matter most to you. With 40 different widgets, you can customize each report to focus on specific information.

Reporting Insights: Creating & Using Custom Reports


Data only available in Custom Report widgets

  • Group individual value widgets like Net Sales, Tax Collected, Tips Collected, Number of Transactions, etc. next to each other to display metrics you want to see quickly

  • Stocktake Discrepancies widget has additional columns like product notes, Stocktake notes, created by and approved by

  • We recommend creating custom reports for Purchase Orders and Internal Transfers

    • PO Products Received, IT Products Received

    • PO Details, IT Details

    • PO Fees, IT Fees

    • PO Freight, IT Freight

    • In-Transit Purchase Orders, In-Transit Internal Transfers

  • Top Categories widget shows how category sales stack up next to each other

  • Expiration Dates widgets:

    • Expiring Lots Details

    • Expiring Lots Quantity

    • Expiring Lots Value

    • Expiring Lots Potential Profit

    • Expiring Lots

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