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Comparing Thrive to the Thrive Stock Counts App
Comparing Thrive to the Thrive Stock Counts App

An outline of the differences between a Thrive account and the Thrive Stock Counts app.

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Thrive gives you control over all your inventory, sales channels, and metrics, allowing you to make the right decisions at the right time. Click here to learn more about the Thrive app.

The Thrive Stock Counts app allows Clover users to perform counts of their products and have a paper trail. No Thrive subscription or account is necessary; just download the app and start scanning.

Below, we'll review some of the main differences between the two apps.

Stock Counts App



1 per subscription



Only on Clover device

POS, desktop, mobile

Syncing reach

1 Location

All Locations


$29 USD / $39 CAD

Starts at $49 USD/month

Stock counts & approvals

Catalog management


Sales Reporting


Inventory Reporting


Purchase Orders/Transfers


Invoicing & Wholesale


... and that's just the beginning. See a complete feature overview here.

Already have a paid Thrive account? The Stock Counts app can be used at no additional cost.

Still unsure?

The apps also have very different looks.

The Thrive Stock Counts app will look like this:

And the app logo looks like this:

While the Thrive app will look like this:

Which app is right for you?

The Thrive Stock Counts app could be the right call if you're a company using Clover and are only concerned with one location.

To get started, click the button below:

Thrive is perfect for companies that want more insight into their stock counts, reports, and other sales channels and are looking to maximize profits and cut time in the back office.

Please feel free to chat with us now using the green chat bubble in the lower-right corner, and we can help ensure you get signed up for the right app.

If you're interested in Thrive, be sure to check out our quick Thrive feature overview:

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