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Keep track of your suppliers in one place

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Benefits of using Vendors (in Thrive):

  • Organize and list all your vendors in one place

  • Assign products to corresponding vendor(s) for reporting

  • Add contact info and notes

  • More efficient re-ordering using Purchase Orders

Products must be assigned to a corresponding Vendor in order to create Purchase Orders.

IMPORTANT: We DO NOT export, sync, or receive Vendor info to/from any integration.

Adding a New Vendor

Under Purchase Orders, select Vendors from the sidebar menu. Then, click the "Create Vendor" button and fill in the fields to add a vendor to your list, as shown here:

All available locations will be enabled by default, but you can disable certain locations if you prefer. If a product from the same vendor goes to multiple locations though, make sure both locations are toggled ON.

The contact information fields are optional. Tags allow you to categorize your vendors for easy look-up

Connecting vendors to products

Depending on what you're more comfortable with, there are two options for how to assign a vendor to an existing product.

From the Vendor page

While you're creating a vendor, or editing one, you will be able to assign or edit the products applied to the vendor.

Either way, when you're in a vendor profile, click "Edit Products" as shown here, to edit and add to the list:

Remember to hit "Done" and "Save" when you're finished.

  • NOTE: Don't forget to hit "Load All" if you want to see all of your products.

Once your products are assigned to their Vendors, Purchase Orders can be created for that vendor.

Via Bulk Upload

Create or edit existing vendors in bulk from the Bulk Uploads page.

Not sure how to get started?

We can help! Learn more about all the ways bulk upload spreadsheets can help you today.

Actions button

Under the Actions button, you'll have the option to fine-tune or download your vendor list.

Options to download a copy of your vendor list as either a CSV or PDF are also available as shown below:

Things to Note:

  • Deleting a vendor will cause that vendor to no longer show up on any reports.

    • In addition, if a deleted vendor is re-created, it will appear as a new vendor.

  • Vendor data in Thrive is only held in Thrive. We do not push or pull Vendor info to/from your merchant account provider integration.

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