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Connecting WooCommerce to Thrive

How to integrate Woo to Thrive Inventory

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Adding WooCommerce is an exciting step in managing and selling your inventory.

Before moving forward, be sure to read this article first to make sure you aren't creating duplicate products in Thrive.

To get started, head to your Location & Integrations page in Thrive. Next, click the name of the location you are looking to add WooCommerce to followed by the blue "Connect a merchant account to (location)" button as shown here:

Then select WooCommerce from the list.

From there, you will see 9 steps (also shown below) where particular information from WooCommerce will be needed to make a secure connection to Thrive. Read the prompts, fill in the blanks, and then hit the blue "Add WooCommerce Credential" button at the bottom of the page when complete.

Here are the steps you'll walk through during the connection process, AFTER clicking the "Connect a merchant account to (location)" button shown in the previous section:

Step 1: Go to the WordPress Administration section of your WooCommerce site.

Step 2: Go to the Settings -> General section, and copy the URL of your WooCommerce site.

Step 3: You'll be prompted to paste that into Thrive.

Step 4: Go to the Settings -> Permalinks section, and make sure that the Common Settings are set to anything EXCEPT Plain. Make sure to click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page if you change this setting.

Step 5: Go to the Users -> Add New section to add a user for Thrive to use when making updates to your products. Make sure the user has the Administrator role. You can enter any email you want for the email field (Thrive recommends using your own email). Note that if you already have a user setup for Thrive to use, you can skip this step.

Step 6: Go to the WooCommerce -> Settings section, then click the Advanced tab from the top menu, click Rest API just below and to the left of Advanced, and then click Add Key.

Step 7: In the "Key Details" form, enter the name "Thrive" in the description, assign the user you created earlier, and set the Permissions to "Read/Write". Then click "Generate API Key".

Step 8: Copy the Consumer key and Consumer secret of the key you just generated. Make sure you do not close this page until after Thrive is connected, as the consumer secret will not be shown again and you will have to generate a new key for Thrive to use!

Step 9: Paste the Consumer key and the Consumer secret that you generated into Thrive. 

Once you are done just hit the "Add WooCommerce Credential" button and that will complete the connection! 

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