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Reconciliation Worksheets

Our tool for manual physical inventory and cycle counts

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Thrive offers Reconciliation Worksheets if you prefer to do the more old-fashioned method of taking inventory. This pen-to-paper worksheet allows you to print out your inventory list or download it into a spreadsheet for easy overviews and manual stock counts.

Other options for reconciling your inventory include:

Generating a Reconciliation Worksheet

Simply go to the Products page and click on the Actions button at the top of the page. 

Customization Options

Once you click the download button, you have a few options to refine the download:


Only one location at a time can be reconciled. For a full export of inventory across all locations, you can download an inventory report from the Reports section of Thrive.


You can select one Category or all to be included in the download.

If you need to print a worksheet for more than one category, but not necessarily your entire catalog, you would need to run a Reconciliation Worksheet for each of the categories (one for each category) or one worksheet with all of the categories (and then isolate those three on a CSV file, read more below).

Option Toggles

Sort by Category

  • This will sort the sheet by Category if you're not limiting the download to just a single Category. Otherwise, if you have this toggled off, the list will be sorted alphabetically by product name.

Include Current Counts

  • If you are going to print out a worksheet for a manual stock count, we don't recommend including the current quantities as that can bias the person counting.

Include Current Counts

  • This option is not available with the Horizontal Variation Layout.

Include Category Names

  • If you are downloading a PDF, this will change the orientation to Landscape (horizontal) rather than the usual Portrait (vertical). The choice is yours!

Include Products Without Inventory Quantities Tracking

Horizontal Variation Layout

  • This option will enable the 'Include Current Counts' and 'Include Category Names' options. The download will have all Variants of an Item laid out horizontally--this is especially useful if you have a lot of variants!


You have the option to download the Reconciliation Worksheet in the form of a PDF or a CSV file. 

PDF files are meant to be easily printed and are in a more readable layout than a spreadsheet. A PDF cannot be edited. 

CSV files are spreadsheets. They are meant to be used with office software like Microsoft Excel or Numbers.

Free alternatives include Google Sheets, Libre Office, and Open Office. CSV files are more commonly used for accounting functions, or if catalog information needs to be extracted. You can use the spreadsheet to enter values for a manual count if you prefer to use an electronic device like a tablet to write down counts.

Submitting Discrepancies

Any counts that are off on your physical worksheet will need to be translated to Thrive and updated.

Stocktakes are the recommended option, but you can also make those changes using Bulk Uploads (either Edit Inventory Quantities OR Edit Variants) or by using the Barcode Scanner Mobile App.

Depending on the method you choose, the changes will be reported on either the Stocktake Discrepancy and/or Inventory Change Report.

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