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Stocktake Discrepancy Report

See the changes made via stocktakes in one simple report

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The Stocktake Discrepancy Report is ideal for compiling inventory changes that happened as a result of a Stocktake. This is especially useful if you use Custom Reasons on Stocktakes for damaged, expired, stolen, or any goods that cannot be sold for any reason but still need to be accounted for.

With this report, you can compile a total of damages for a specific date range and export it in a way that works best for you.

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Report Summary

The columns in this report include:

  • Product

  • Variant

  • (Stocktake) Number

  • Location

  • Discrepancy

  • Cost per unit (based on the default cost you have set for the product)

  • Cost (discrepancy x cost per unit)

  • Reason

Remember that the discrepancies will appear on this report on the day the Stocktake was created, not the date it was approved.

We recommend that Stocktakes be completed during off-hours to prevent sales from interfering with product quantities.

Additional Insights

If you're looking for more column options and filters for this report, head to the more adaptable version in the Custom Reports section.

Read more about navigating to Custom Reports and adding reports here:

Once you have added the Stocktake Discrepancies widget to the report, click the Edit icon to enable additional fields like Product Notes, Reason, Stocktake Note, and who it was ultimately approved by.

The Edit icon looks like this:

NOTE: If you aren't seeing the edit icon, you may not be in the Edit view of the report (or you might need to scroll over). If you haven't already, click the Actions button at the top right of the screen and choose the Edit Report dropdown.

From there, you can enable additional columns, disable ones that are not needed, or filter by location:

Once you've selected, hit Apply, and those options will be applied automatically to that widget. As you can see in the above image, you can include Product Notes, Reasons, Stocktake Notes, Created By, and Approve by columns. You can filter by Locations as well to contain or exclude any that are available.

Each custom report can be exported as a CSV or PDF, which you will see when clicking the blue Actions button at the top right corner of the page.

This custom report is excellent for tracking changes made over time when using Stocktakes. This is especially helpful if you use Product Notes, Stocktake Notes, or custom Reasons for different types of counts.

Further Reporting

Due for Stocktake Report

This report is perfect for ensuring each product count is confirmed regularly. Using Stocktakes to perform your "cycle counts," you can trust that your numbers are correct the year through.

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Inventory Change Report

See how inventory levels have changed over time. See all product movements in one report, including sales, returns, products received, restocks, and manual adjustments. Filter by sales, Stocktakes, Purchase Orders/Internal Transfers, and Assemblies (and much more). This report also shows the total value of any movements.

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