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Downloading a Report

Save your report to your device for future reference and your records.

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You've already generated your report and are ready to download it to your device.

Let's get going!

For most of our reports, you will notice PDF and CSV options to export just below the Integration selection.

  • A PDF file is a better choice if you prefer to print a hard copy.

  • A CSV file is a better spreadsheet format if you plan to use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel™ or Google Sheets™.

Pro Tip

If you're exporting as a CSV to open in Excel, we recommend opening them using the import workflow (Data > Import External Data > Import Data).

Otherwise, the CSV behaves differently when you use File > Open. For example, the apostrophes won't be registered as a formatting cue and will be kept in the cell value.

  • Active Filters on the page will be applied to the exports.

Not seeing that option?

If you are looking at one of our newer reports with Saved and Scheduled features, you will see different options covered here. Right now, this includes the following reports:

Click the "Actions" button to see your options for downloading and saving the report. More information on that process can be found below:

Custom Reports

For Custom Reports, you'll see the option to download a report as either a PDF or CSV by clicking the "Actions" button as shown here:

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