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Generating a Report

How to generate a report and uncover the information you are seeking.

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To view a report, first head to the Reports section of Thrive and select your desired report to run.

As a reminder, here's a quick overview of our current reports and custom reports along with more details.

In most cases, to generate a report you'll need to either select a date or date range to run the report for.

Date ranges can be selected on the Inventory Change Report, all Sales Reports, and also Custom Reports as shown below (or by using one of the preset ranges):

  • Click here for a quick video πŸŽ₯ on selecting a date range.

On all other reports, you will need to pick a specific point in time to run the report. Simply select the date and time, and you're set!

  • NOTE: Remember, 12 AM is midnight, while 12 PM is noon.

Filter results

Depending on the report, you will have different options for Filters at the top of the page that you can set before running the report. These can also be applied after you generate the report, but for larger inventories, it's a nice option to have.

Scroll down on the page and depending on the report you might see an option for further filtering and a search bar to pinpoint items.

Customizing columns

One newer or revamped reports, you might see a "Display" button on applicable reports, as shown here:

By clicking that "Display" button, you can customize the columns shown on the report, depending on the information you want to see.

On older reports, you may see a "hamburger" menu button that also does the same thing. This button will look like this:

Things to Note:

Reports (specifically Sales Reports) may not always match the reports you see on your integration. This may be for a few reasons:

  • Timezones may not match between the two systems.

  • Your provider may be factoring refunds, taxes, and discounts differently or not accounting for them at all.

  • If you have selected today's date, there may be sales that have not been pulled in from the integration yet.

If you see a specific instance where we are not reporting a sale or refund that took place in your integration, please chat with us and also bring relevant screenshots or information we can dig into.

When your report is generated and has all the information you need, you can download the report to refer back to. More information on downloading a report here!

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