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How to Use Live Chat

The live chat button and its functions

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Humans are here to help when you need them.

The best way to contact us is by using the chat bubble, as shown here: 

For all the other tools we have to assist you, be sure to check out this page:

Send us a message

Click "Send us a message" to start a brand new chat. To get you to the people to best assist, select from the options shown and answer the questions to the best of your ability when prompted.

You will be paired with the next available agent during our live chat hours if your question isn't answered.

Incoming messages

When you get a chat from Thrive, you'll see a little notification badge on the chat button and a snippet of the message. Just click on the chat to open the message:

You may also have a pending message on a separate chat. Just look for red indicators to find unread content:

See previous or "open" conversations

Click the "Messages" icon to uncover your full conversation history.

And, of course, feel free to follow up on any chats you've already started or just reference your past communications.

The Thrive chatbot

Our "Thrive Bot" may offer a quick auto-response when asking commonly asked questions. Take a look and see if that answers your question. Those replies are set up by humans, after all: 

If you don't reply to the Thrive Bot, we assume the response is what you were looking for, and the conversation will be closed. Any response from you will reopen the conversation and send it to a human for review.

Download your chat

Download the transcript of any chat by scrolling to the top of the conversation and click the button highlighted below:

Other chat functions

Within the main chat window, you can also search the Help Center for articles and guides like this one!

You can also find other helpful links as you scroll down. We're always looking to see what other tools we can add to help make life easier! 

Pro-Tip: Stay informed of any potential system outages by subscribing to updates or checking the status here. Or, use the chatbox under "Send Us a Message."

Response Times

While we want to get to every issue as quickly as possible, we might not always be able to respond to everyone as quickly as we'd like. Between chat, email, video calls, and phone calls, it can be a lot of our small (but mighty) Customer Care Team to get to.

Depending on your plan, there may be slight differences between response times:







1 Bussiness Day






1 Bussiness Day









Dedicated Account Manager





Things to Note:

  • Live chat hours are from 9 am to 8 pm Eastern (6 am to 5 pm Pacific) Monday - Friday.

    • See the top of the main chat screen for the most up-to-date schedule.

  • Chat is usually the best option for contacting Thrive.

  • If you prefer email, you can always reach us at

  • Request a phone call via chat. Just let us know, and we'll do our best to call within 24 hours!

  • Every conversation is saved. You can always go back and see previous chats.

  • Chat transcripts are automatically sent to your email. 

  • The chat button cannot be moved, hidden, fully dismissed, or disabled within Thrive, but please let us know if it is covering up anything important.

For all the other tools we have to assist you, be sure to check out this page:

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