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Templates for Stocktakes

Easily generate Stocktakes with a click, or at a scheduled frequency.

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Stocktake Templates are perfect for:

  • Setting up routine or regular counts daily, weekly, quarterly, etc.

  • Easily duplicating a Stocktake to be used again and again.

  • Businesses that aspire to have more insight into their inventory numbers

  • Inventory Managers looking to automate their counting and increase awareness of the effects of discrepancies.

Stocktake Templates are for users on a Professional Plan and above.

Learn more about upgrading your plan here.

Looking for more information on Stocktakes? Click here. Otherwise, keep reading for more information on using Templates.

Creating a Template

This can be done from an existing Stocktake or created brand new from scratch. We’ll outline both below:

1. From an existing Stocktake:

Click into an existing Stocktake, click (Actions or the ellipses), and then select “Duplicate as Template” as shown here:

This will take you to the new template with all the existing Stocktake products. It’s now a template and can be named, scheduled, or changed for use now or in the future.

Skip to the next section to learn more about setting up your template to work for you.

2. Creating a brand new template

From the Templates tab, click “Create Template,” fill out the fields (more information below), add products, and save!

Stocktake Scope

Name your template, assign a location, and appoint a reason here. If your reason for the Stocktake needs more explanation than “Reconciliation” or “Other,” you can create your own Custom Reason by clicking the (+) sign.


Enable the toggle if you want to schedule the template, and have it automatically generate a Stocktake for you.

Then, select the Start Date and Frequency.

Line Items

Add new products or manage existing products on the Stocktake Template.

Use the vertical ellipses (⋮) to remove products from the template.


Use this section for internal notes or instructions for performing the Stocktake.

Saving & Creating a New Stocktake

When you’re done filling out the Stocktake Scope, Schedule, Line Items and Notes,

be sure to save the template.

Once a template is saved, click “Back” and you will see an option to “Edit” as well as the “Actions” button.

The Actions button is where you can:

  • Generate your draft manually by clicking “Generate Draft Now”

  • Delete your Template

  • Duplicate your Template

If your template is scheduled to create drafts automatically, rest assured we'll generate those drafts on the schedule you've chosen automatically.

Things to Note:

  • When a template is used to generate a Stocktake, you can see that from the Templates column on the main Stocktake page and the History of the Stocktake (bottom of the page).

  • The Submit Stocktakes permission is needed to generate Stocktakes from a Stocktake template.

  • Manage Stocktakes permission is needed to create and edit Stocktake templates.

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