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A chronological list of notable changes in Thrive.

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July 16th, 2024

  • Quickly create 12-digit UPC barcodes for your products. Whether for checkout or Stocktakes, scanning increases accuracy and makes everyone's life easier. Generate a barcode individually while editing a product or in bulk.

June 25th, 2024

  • Check out our new referral program, where you can earn $100 for each successful referral and help a fellow small business simultaneously!

  • A vendor filter has been added to the Inventory Change Report.

June 18th, 2024

  • When you receive products with pre-existing expiration dates during an internal transfer, those expiration dates will now be retained.

June 11th, 2024

  • Home page Metrics charts now let you select the date range for comparison data (e.g., this day last week, last year, etc.).

June 4th, 2024

  • Experience our redesigned and improved Bulk Uploads! Try it now by generating a spreadsheet, or learn more.

  • A Bundle with a component set to 'inventory tracking off' will no longer zero out the Bundle’s quantity, provided at least one component has inventory tracking enabled. This ensures more reliable Bundle quantities are synced with your sales integration.

May 21st, 2024

  • Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce users can now directly access their store via Settings. Click your integration to access the link, as shown here:

May 14th, 2024

  • The ability to filter has been added to the Bulk Uploads page.

  • On Bulk Upload spreadsheets, where you can enter a location-specific price, cost, PAR level, or reorder quantity, we will now auto-disable the "use defaults" toggle.

May 2nd, 2024

  • We've updated the "View Report" option on the Home page widgets to include location and sales channel filters and added this option to expiration tiles.

April 25th, 2024

  • We've begun introducing our redesigned and improved Bulk Upload experience, and we'll continue to roll it out over the next few weeks.

Want to check if you've opted in?

Visit the Bulk Uploads page. If you see the "Start Bulk Upload" option, you're in!

  • Shopify users now have the option to sync images and item descriptions from Thrive to Shopify on the Settings page.

April 18th, 2024

  • We have enhanced the Square API integration to support multiple product images, additional categories, and rich-text product descriptions.

April 11th, 2024

  • Employee ID is now included in the employee column of the Order Report.

  • Thrive's sidebar now displays the correct user roles based on permissions.

  • Dates in ISO format have been updated to the US format (MM/DD/YYYY).

April 4th, 2024

  • The date-based filters in Stocktakes have been updated to support custom ranges.

March 28th, 2024

  • The invoices table is now sortable for real-time arranging.

March 14th, 2024

  • The new Home page is now the default experience. Quickly see how the day is going and what changes must be made. See in real-time the activity on your account, sales, inventory changes, and everything in between.

  • WebP (.webp) images are now supported throughout the app. Read more about images in Thrive here.

March 7th, 2024

  • Stocktakes Templates are now available for users on a Professional Plan and above. Templates allow you to:

    • Set up routine or regular counts (daily, weekly, quarterly, etc.).

    • Easily duplicate a Stocktake to be used again and again.

    • And overall automate your Stocktakes experience.

  • Default costs, Price, Categories, and Vendors have been added to Stocktakes as optional columns.

  • Three new Metrics graphs were added to the new Home experience.

    • Top Vendors by Profit

    • Top Vendors by Quantity Sold

    • Top Vendors by Revenue

  • We changed how we generate CSV files so that spreadsheets will not remove zero-padded barcodes, SKUs, etc.

  • The Import Stock Counts toggle has been hidden from the Settings page. If you want to utilize that feature, chat with our Customer Care Team. Users actively employing the Import Stock Counts toggle will not see any changes unless deactivated.

  • We have added three toggles to an Images filter section in the “consolidated” Products page view

    • If you want to permanently switch your company to this view, chat with our Customer Care Team.

February 29th, 2024

  • Security update: After 5 unsuccessful log-in attempts, you will be locked out of your account until you reset your password.

  • You can no longer import outdated bulk upload spreadsheets into Thrive.

    • Outdated is any spreadsheet generated over 120 days ago or on a previous version of bulk uploads.

Pro Tip

Bulk uploads are used for mass inventory updates, changes, or additions via a Google Sheets spreadsheet. It is helpful for initially setting up a large inventory or making large-scale changes to existing inventory.

Learn more on how you can accomplish more with bulk uploads today.

February 22nd, 2024

February 8th, 2024

  • We've added a new create products with attributes bulk upload spreadsheet.

  • A new "Days since last Stocktake" filter for adding products to a Stocktake.

  • The ability to move "At a Glance" tiles on the Home page beta.

  • Ability to manually import stock counts from the Thrive Stock Counts app (Clover) by clicking "Send to Thrive"

  • When using the edit products spreadsheet, if you modify a shipping value, the shipping toggle for the product will be automatically enabled.

Want to add or edit products in bulk?

We have numerous bulk upload spreadsheets to help you complete your work faster!

February 2nd, 2024

  • Filters now have a search bar to make retrieving specific categories or vendors easier.

  • New features have been added to the Home page beta, including:

    • Additional "At a Glance" tiles, including delete variants, internal transfer fees and fright, purchase order fees and fright, gross shipping fees, refunded tax, tips collected, and transaction fees.

    • Updates to expiration tiles to include future time ranges (from 'tomorrow' to 'next month').

    • More customization for Metrics charts so you can choose how much time each column should cover.

The new Home page is currently in beta testing. To opt in, click the banner on the current Home page or through the Marketplace under the "Built by Thrive" heading.

You can opt-out at any time.

January 25th, 2024

  • Now you can delete open or errored spreadsheets from the Bulk Upload page. To do this, scroll to the last column, click the ellipsis, and select "Delete Bulk Upload," as shown here:

Bulk Uploads are a powerful tool that assists in making bulk edits and creating multiple products at once.

January 11th, 2024

To show interest in the beta test, go to the Marketplace under the "Built by Thrive" heading.

  • The "Generate Variants" button on the Create/Edit Product page is now "Add Attributes" to better align with our sales integration partners's verbiage. No functionality has changed.

  • While working on Stocktake, you will not be reminded every 10 minutes to "save," as shown here:

January 4th, 2024

  • Updates and improvements to the Home page beta, including:

    • The option to change bulletin colors:

    • Clicking "View Report" on a tile will now open in a new tab:

  • Various Stocktakes and Assemblies improvements

December 7th, 2023

  • Syncing improvements for products with attributes where additional syncs will respect the display style selected on BigCommerce.

  • Updates for Stocktakes to improve scanning and eliminate delays when counting.

November 16th, 2023

  • Stocktakes Templates make it easy to generate Stocktakes with a single click or at a scheduled frequency (learn more).

This feature is currently in beta testing. Show interest in opting in through the Marketplace under the "Built by Thrive" heading.

  • We’ve added options for automatic rounding on Purchase Orders and Internal Transfers. This will be a favorite for companies using the "Auto-Add" quantities buttons to populate their order. Based on the conditions you set up, Thrive can automatically round decimals (up or down) to the nearest whole number. Learn more.

November 9th, 2023

The new Home page is currently in beta testing. To opt in, click the banner on the current Home page or through the Marketplace under the "Built by Thrive" heading.

You can opt-out at any time.

  • Purchase Order enhancements, including:

    • Ability to edit vendor SKU, Notes, and Message to Vendor fields after the PO is created.

    • Added a Sent checkbox and Sent Date field.

      • Pro-Tip: When you email the PO to your vendor from Thrive, these fields will automatically populate. Otherwise, you can configure them manually.

  • Various improvements and fixes to Stocktakes.

October 26th, 2023

  • Updated Stocktakes experience. See for yourself, or read more here.

    • Option to zero out uncounted products

    • Ability to perform blind counts

    • More control of column order and visibility

    • Add a custom prefix to your Stocktake number

    • Option to “Add All” products to a Stocktake

  • Ability to delete Saved Reports.

September 21st, 2023

  • Two new Shopify metadata fields were added to Thrive, including "Search engine title" and "Search engine description." Read more about the newly added fields, and how to opt-in here.

  • The Starter Plan is back, read more about it here!

  • Permissions update:

September 14th, 2023

  • Various improvements to our Stocktakes Beta including the ability to quickly "Add All" of your products at a location to a Stocktake.

September 7th, 2023

  • The "Net Sales" tile and column on the Product Sales Report is now Net Product Sales. For Net Sales, go to the Order Report.

  • There is now a hard limit of 10,000 products on a single Stocktake. If the limit is reached, you'll see an error message and those excess products will not be added.

August 31st, 2023

  • Enable/disable locations and integrations in bulk by using the Edit Products Bulk Upload

  • Set products as Active (or Inactive) in bulk by using the Edit Products Bulk Upload.

  • Our Marketplace section has been released onto the sidebar! Now you can see all the apps we integrate with, our newest features (including BETAs), and request apps for us to integrate with, all on one page. See for yourself!

  • Eight new WooCommerce-specific fields. Read more about the newly added fields, and how to opt-in here.

  • New permissions to "Share Bulletins" and "Manage Bulletin Board" have been added preemptively to the Access Control page for upcoming updates to the Home page.

August 17th, 2023

  • The ability to generate an (Inventory) Bulk Upload spreadsheet for specific Categories, Vendors, Bundles/Non-Bundles, Active/Inactive status, In stock/out-of-stock, Shipping Required, and Recently Created (Past Day, Week, or Month).

  • The "Currently Monthly Average" (on the Billing page) will reflect accurately even if syncing is turned off. Read more about average monthly transaction limits here.

August 10th, 2023

  • New for Modifiers, the ability to automatically restock products when the Modifier is selected at the POS, making substitutions a breeze. New callouts for what's being deducted as well as restocked when a Modifier is selected:

August 3rd, 2023

  • Eight new fields are live for Shopify users. Read more about the new additions here.

  • Various fixes to decrease loading time for features on Thrive.

July 11th, 2023

  • We've opened our Beta for additional Shopify fields. Read more about the newly added fields, and how to opt-in here.

July 6th, 2023

June 1st, 2023

  • The blue hyperlinked lot cost on the Products page, when the quantity is at 0, will now show as "No Stock" (instead of 'Not Set').

May 25th, 2023

  • Exclusively on Thrive, we now have a Sell-Through Report, which provides a way to see how fast your products sell by comparing the amount of inventory received against what's actually sold in the selected time period.

May 11th, 2023

  • Vendor IDs are now Vendor SKUs.

  • The product name is displayed across all tabs on the Product Detail page.

    • Default price, cost, PAR level, and Reorder Qty displayed on the Locations tab for reference:

May 4th, 2023

  • Bulk Uploads can now be partially imported. Rows without any validation errors will be imported immediately, while rows with errors will be set aside on a new spreadsheet. On the new spreadsheet (with the errors isolated) we've created for you, the final column has the errors specifically called out. You can make the corrections and resubmit. Read more here.

  • New Filter option on the Purchase Order page for "Vendors" and "Ship-to Location" (learn more about Purchase Orders here):

April 27th, 2023

April 20th, 2023

  • Per Unit Pricing (Clover and Square) is now fully supported.

  • Added tabs to the Product Details page for better organization.

  • Integration-specific pricing is now available under the Integrations tabs of the Product Details page.

  • New Stock Lookup feature added to Thrive for quick stock-level checks across locations.

April 13th, 2023

April 6th, 2023

  • Small backend and "quality of life" release centering on Alerts, Assemblies, and more efficient syncing to integrations.

March 30th, 2023

  • A new pop-up warning when leaving a page without saving on Thrive.

March 23rd, 2023

  • Added columns to Bulk Uploads, including:

    • The ability to enable or disable the Use Defaults toggle in an Edit Variants spreadsheet.

    • The ability to create inactive products on a Create Products spreadsheet.

  • New (optional) columns for Invoices including:

    • Strikethrough/"Compare-at" price

    • The expiration date of inventory sold

    • PO number of inventory sold

    • Lot number of inventory sold

  • Added "Select All" toggle to Filters:

March 16th, 2023

March 9th, 2023

  • Added optional fields for Assembly Runs. The new fields include Batch, Run Name, Run By, PO Number, and Notes.

March 3rd, 2023

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