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Sell-Through Report

See how fast your products are selling.

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The Sell-Through Report allows you to see how fast your products are selling by comparing the amount of inventory received against what's actually sold in the selected time period.

Make purchasing decisions, make pricing adjustments, and uncover dead inventory based on the numbers instead of your gut.

Pro Tip: Our Purchase Orders, PAR Levels, Alerts, Product Sales Report, and Dead Inventory Report will also help with those issues.

Running the Report

From the Reports page in Thrive, click Sell-Through Report.

Select the date range you want to run the report for. Use the filters to pinpoint the products you care about most.

When you’re ready to see the results, click “Generate” or “Schedule.

Since the report processes a lot of information, the results can be emailed to you directly.

Report Summary

The columns in this report include:

  • Product

  • Variant

  • Location

  • Categories

  • Vendors

  • SKU

  • Barcode

  • List Price

    • The current retail price.

  • Cost/Unit

    • A range of costs applied to the units in stock.

  • Markup

    • (Price - Cost) ÷ Cost, converted to a percentage, where Cost is the average Cost/unit

  • In Stock

    • Units in stock at the end of the specified date range

  • Total Value

    • Total cost of the units in stock

  • Potential Revenue

    • In Stock x List Price

  • Potential Profit

    • The sum of (Price - Cost) for each unit in stock with a cost

  • Sold

    • Total number of units sold, before refunds

  • Refunded

    • Number of units refunded

  • Restocked

    • Number of units restocked after being refunded

  • Net Sold

    • Sold - Refunded

  • Sell-Through

    • Net Sold ÷ (Net Sold + In Stock at end of the period)

  • Discounts

    • Total line item discounts -- does not include transaction-level discounts

  • Modifiers

    • Total collected for item modifiers

  • Gross Sales

    • Total sales including modifiers and discounts - does not include tax or refunds

  • Refunds

    • Total line item refunds

  • Net Sales

    • Gross Sales - Refunds

  • Gross COGS

    • Total cost of goods sold, including modifiers (before refunds)

  • Refunded COGS

    • Total cost of goods of refunded units

  • Net COGS

    • Gross COGS - Refunded COGS

  • Gross Profit

    • Gross Sales - Gross COGS

  • Gross Margin

    • Gross Profit ÷ Gross Sales

  • Refunded Profit

    • Total profit lost to refunds

  • Net Profit

    • Gross Profit - Refunded Profit

  • Net Margin

    • Net Profit ÷ Net Sales

NOTE: The columns in bold are enabled automatically. To enable the fields in italics, click “edit” next to Table Columns.

Calculating the Sell-Through %

The Sell-Through % is calculated as:

Total number of items sold


Total number of items sold + In Stock at the end of the period

Downloading your Report

To start processing your report, click the "Generate" button. Choose whether or not you want an email notification sent to your inbox, and then hit “Save” and the report will start processing in the background.

The report can also be scheduled by clicking the “Schedule” button. For more information about retrieving your report, click this article on Saved/Scheduled Reporting.

This report is only available from Thrive as a CSV, but once you download and open the report, you can export it as a PDF.

Things to Note:

  • Components included in the Bundle, are not counted in this report.

  • Bundled products will appear as a line item on the report but will not include list price, cost/unit, in-stock, or a sell-through percentage.

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