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Dead Inventory Report

Identify Products & Variants that haven't been sold recently

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The Dead Inventory Report tracks inventory you have on hand that has not sold recently. Once you can see what isn't selling, you can make more accurate decisions about clearance products or what not to order again.

With the Dead Inventory Report, you can easily see how much revenue is tied up in your aging inventory and how much you paid for the inventory (if costs are added).

You can also see how much quantity of each product you have on hand and the number of days since the product last sold. You can even customize the range of the report, for example: "Please show me all Products that have not sold for ____ days or more."

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Report Summary

The columns in this report include:

  • Last Sale

  • Days since last sale

  • Product

  • Variant

  • Location

  • In stock

  • Total Value

  • Potential Revenue

  • Potential Profit

The Summary Boxes are the multi-colored boxes at the top of the report that provide a synopsis of certain aspects of the report. Included in this report are:

  • Total Value

  • Potential Profit

  • Products = Total number of products that haven't sold


For a product to show up on the report, there are a few requirements:

  • The variant can’t be a bundle.

  • The current stock count of the product must be greater than zero.

  • The user must have permission to view the selected location(s).

  • The location the product is enabled at must have existed for the entirety of the date range the report is run for.

    • For example: If today is August 24th and we are looking to see what hasn't sold in 10 days, the location should have been created on or before August 14th.

  • The location must still exist in Thrive.

Things to Note:

  • If you want to see a list of products that didn't sell for a specific date range, say last year's holiday season, you can generate an Unsold Product Report (for Professional Plans and above).

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