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Modifiers: Add-ons, Substitutions & Bundles (Example)
Modifiers: Add-ons, Substitutions & Bundles (Example)

A use-case for using Add-ons, Substitutions, and Bundles with Modifiers.

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Modifiers can be used in conjunction with Bundles to create add-ons and substitutions to make even more customizable orders.

Add-ons are something a customer chooses to add to the ordered product. That could be extra bacon on a burger, an extra shot of espresso in a drink, or additional toppings. These might cost money, or they could be free, that is up to you. Either way, we can ensure that the proper quantities are deducted when sold.

Substitutions are changes made to the ordered product. That could be substituting onion rings instead of fries on a combo meal, regular expresso for decaf, or even what kind of milk is in a latte.

Add-ons on Bundles

Here’s one way you could sell a latte, where the Bundle consists of ingredients that are used every time. In this case, the espresso is a component of the Bundle. The latte milk options are set up as the Modifiers.

On Thrive, you would map the Modifiers (Whole, Oat, Soy, and Coconut) to their respective products, like this:

Of course, there are many different ways to set up these Modifiers. We could include more milk options, decaf, added shots, sizes, and to-go or order-in cups, but hopefully, the examples included demonstrate the basic principles.

Substitutions on Bundles

Now, let’s say a vast majority of the lattes you sell are with Whole Milk. You want to give your cashiers one less thing to click when ringing up those customers, so they can focus on the order and create a genuine connection with your customers.

The example below uses Modifiers to substitute products. So, if one customer wants a latte with Whole Milk, that’s incredibly easy to add to the order. Just select the latte and proceed with no extra clicks.

But, let’s say their friend wants a Latte with Oat Milk, that will just be one extra click and Thrive will ensure the deduction (in Oat Milk) and restock (of Whole Milk) are made accordingly. If there’s an upcharge for oat milk, that will be reflected on the order total.

Here’s how that would look in Thrive (notice that Whole Milk is now part of our Bundle):

On Thrive, you would map the Modifiers (Oat, Soy, and Coconut) to their respective products, as well as the Whole Milk units being restocked, like this:

Notice how the Whole Milk (from the Bundle) that we're restocking.


Along the same lines, you can also use this to subtract, or remove, from a product or bundle, without any substitutions.

For example, let's say you have a breakfast sandwich and it's sausage, egg, and cheese. The works for most people, but occasionally someone will want it without the cheese.

Simply set up a "No Cheese" Modifier to 1) ensure the correct sandwich is made and 2) restock the cheese back into inventory once the sandwich is ordered.

The best part is, this works with products and bundles.

How much to add, substitute, or subtract?

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to put in the "quantity" section? We've got you covered in our Math for Assemblies, Bundles, and Modifiers article!

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