Customize your products with toppings, add-ons, substitutions, or special requests

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Modifiers allow the customization of your products at your point of sale and accurately deduct (or add) quantities at the time of sale. They can be used with products, variants, and Bundles. Modifiers can help create “Buy One, Get One” and “Buy More, Save More” deals. Thrive Modifiers are compatible with Clover and Square.

Modifier configuration and inventory tracking are

included on Standard plans and up.

Learn more about our plans and upgrading here.

Here's another quick video 🎥 from our Customer Care Team going over an example of how to get started with Modifiers (and to get the ideas flowing).

Creating a Modifier

Get started by clicking on the Modifiers tab from your Products page:

Click the “Create Modifier group” to get started. Click the button below to see step-by-step instructions on how to create your first Modifier:

Add-ons, Substitutions & Bundles (example)

Modifiers can be used with Bundles to create add-ons and substitutions to make even more customizable orders.

To read more about how add-ons, substitutions, and bundles work together (and how they can work for you), click the button below:

Mapping Modifiers

When Modifiers are imported from your integration, we cannot automatically link to the products in your inventory in Thrive.

This must be done manually by "mapping" your Modifiers to actual products in Thrive.

In the process, you'll be able to let us know the quantity to adjust so we can make the proper adjustments to keep your inventory accurate.

This can be done by clicking the link highlighted here:

Remember, click the “Add” button next to each corresponding variant to ensure it is properly mapped. Once it’s mapped and you’ve entered a quantity, we can properly add or subtract units when they are selected.

Have trouble determining the exact quantity you want to map for a product? Click here!

Importing Modifiers

If Modifiers are already set up in your Clover or Square POS, Thrive will bring them in automatically during your initial import.

Otherwise, you can always import them manually using the task on the Advanced page.

Deleting a Modifier

From the Modifier page, click on the Modifier you would like to delete. Then click “Edit Group.” At the bottom of the next page, there will be a red delete button like this where you can delete it:

Deleting the Modifier from Thrive will also delete it from your integration.


Modifiers are reflected in sales reports in terms of increased revenue, increased cost of goods, and profit margin as a result. To be clear, Modifiers are not listed on the sales report as individual items.

Itemized reports are coming soon!

Things to Note:

  • Your base product (the one the Modifer is applied to) must have a cost (greater than $0) for the cost of goods sold to be calculated.

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