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Bundles: Recipe (Example)

Use Bundles to create a product that pulls quantities for other products in your catalog.

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Whether it's a simple cheeseburger, a gift basket, or any other product you have comprising of other products in your catalog, Bundles are here to help and ensure that the accurate quantities are deducted automatically.

Having a product, such as an ingredient, that shows up in many other products is very common. Bundles are great for accurately tracking ingredients/components and knowing when to reorder more.

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In this example, how you can use Bundles to create a cheeseburger.

Cheeseburger Example

1. Create components/ingredients

  • Before you create a Bundle, you must first complete the components/ingredients of the Bundle as products (or variants) in Thrive.

    • NOTE: Thrive supports partial quantities on inventory. For example, you can put that quantity into inventory if you only have .758 of a product.

  • We recommend indicating the measurement unit you'll use in the variant name. This will make it easier to build your bundles:

  • SKU and Barcode numbers are always optional. Prices can be set to zero if you are not selling the component by itself.

  • Price and tax should be entered when building the final Bundled product available for purchase.

  • Setting your components' costs (per unit) will allow you to track your margins on Bundled products accurately.

  • Create an entry for each component/ingredient.

2. Create the Bundle

Once all components have been created, you can bundle them together. In this case, we'll bundle our components into the final cheeseburger product.

  • Go to the Products page and create a new product.

  • Then, convert the product into a Bundle as shown below:

  • NOTE: You might need to side-scroll on that section to expose the clickable gear wheel.

On the next screen, you will be prompted to select the components of the Bundle. See for yourself:

Pro Tip

Having trouble figuring out what to put in the "input quantity" section?

We've got you covered in our Math for Assemblies, Bundles, and Modifiers article!

Once all the components are added to the Bundle, click "Update" and "Save."

Now, each time you sell your cheeseburger, all the linked components will be accurately deducted, and your profit will be accurately calculated.

If your inventory consists of recipes, bills of material, or customization, check out our Assemblies, Bundles, & Modifiers article to ensure you're using the best tool.

For example, Assemblies are perfect if you premake your secret sauce.

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