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Enhanced navigation updates

Pointers for navigating the new layout.

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The enhanced Thrive navigation bar is available now! With it comes better organization and easier access to the features most important to you and your business.

Why the change?

Our navigation bar hadn’t been updated in a long time, so we were due for a revamp. This was our chance to put a fresh coat of paint on the app, while also laying the groundwork for new functionality in the future.

These changes are rooted in the feedback we’ve gotten over the years and to keep up with the latest innovations so we can ensure you are getting the best experience and most accurate insights.

We will continue to update individual features, so please keep your feedback coming by using the green chat bubble in the lower right corner.

Exclusively in Thrive

Along with all the features you’re already using, we also have new features that only exist in Thrive.

Here’s a quick rundown of each, but be sure to click the hyperlinks to learn more!

  • Stock Lookup - Perfect for checking out the stock levels for a product at different locations. Very similar to the Inventory page, but it also works great for the sales floor because of its new user-friendly layout that only shows price and quantity.

  • Sell-Through Report - Finally, a way to see how fast your inventory is selling. Compare the amount of inventory received against what's actually sold in a selected time period.

  • Customizable Dashboards - Create custom dashboards, with the information you want, in order to keep tabs on the business and to make sure you’re on track.

  • Goal-setting - We all know the importance of setting goals. Now, you can include the rest of your team to ensure they are doing everything they can to keep on the right path.

  • Assemblies - Create a recipe or bill of materials that can be run over and over again ensuring the proper cost is calculated for the final product and the correct quantities are deducted and added to your inventory.

  • Facebook & Instagram Shop Feeds - Push your products to your Facebook and Instagram Shops and meet your customers where they’re at. Rest assured, if there are any issues with your listing, we will let you know about it as well as how to fix it.

  • An entire section for Bulk Uploads - Now you can access bulk uploads from their own section along with see their current status including Open, Complete, and if there were any errors.

Try it for yourself

To check the new navigation, click this link, or the button shown below in the top-left corner of the app as shown here:

We think you’ll be delightfully surprised by the new experience. Plus, you might even uncover features that you didn’t even know we had!

Sidebar Overview

Here’s a quick overview of the new layout:

  • Home is where you find the main Dashboard. This is great for getting a pulse on the day, but you can also change the timeframe to Yesterday, This Week, and This Month.

  • The Catalog is where your products live. For many, this is the main “hub” of Thrive where edits to products can be made. In addition, access your Modifiers, categories, and tax rates. From the Actions button on the Product & Variants tab, you can access bulk actions.

  • Metrics are for deeper insights into your business. Set a Goal and see how your sales line up with your current trajectory on your Dashboard. Of course, our cornerstone reporting can be found under Reports.

  • Inventory is where you can manipulate your products and variants via Stocktakes, Assemblies, or Internal Transfers. The new Stock Lookups feature is similar to your Product page, but since the interface has been updated to show only the quantity and price of items, it can be used on the sales floor and in front of customers.

  • Purchase Orders are where you create orders from your Vendors. Generate orders based on your needs using our PAR Levels and Reorder Quantities.

  • Invoices are where you create both Regular and Wholesale invoices. Manage your customers and pricelist all in one place.

  • Settings are where you manage your settings, users, locations, integrations, and everything in between.

Your User Profile (in the bottom left corner) is where you make changes and see insights on your specific profile. This includes Running Tasks on the account, Alerts, Settings, a link to Additional Support, and the option to Sign Out. Also, here you’ll find the option to switch back to the old navigation.

In the Company Profile (top left corner) you’ll find information on the company you are logged in with. This is handy if you have multiple companies with Thrive to switch between, or if you’re looking for another option to get to those company-specific settings.

  • PRO-TIP: Next to your company name, you’ll see an arrow to expand/collapse the menu. Great for maximizing your screen when you want to take in more information.


How do I log in?

Use your same Shopventory email address and password and log in here.

Why the switch?

Our navigation bar was due for an update. With the update, we not only are able to update the look and feel of the app, but also lay the groundwork for new functionality in the future.

We will continue to update individual features as well, so please keep your feedback coming by using the green chat bubble in the lower right corner.

Does it cost more?

Of course not! We've updated the navigation and added features for you to use, free of charge. A few of the features do require that you're on a particular plan or above, but we'll let you know in the app if you need to upgrade.

When will the switch be permanent?

Starting Wednesday, July 5th, we will be upgrading Shopventory accounts to the new Thrive experience. Don’t worry, we’ll be communicating through the whole process to ensure you don’t lose any functionality along the way.

Of course, don't hesitate to ask us any questions. Simply use the green chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner to connect with our team.

Can I switch back and forth?

For right now, yes, you can switch back and forth between the two as you get used to the new navigation.

Switch to Thrive by clicking here, or using the dropdown bar as shown here:

And switch back to Shopventory by clicking here, or click this button, in your user profile on the lower-left corner of the page:

What if I don’t like Thrive?

We know that changes, even small ones, can be tough. We only ask that you give it a try. Of course, if you don’t like it or it isn’t meeting your expectations, please chat with us and we can help and ensure you are taken care of.

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