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Setting up a new Clover MID

Transferring inventory from your existing Clover account to a new one.

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This guide is for Clover users with an existing Thrive account who have been given a new Merchant ID (MID).

Usually, a new MID is issued when purchasing new Clover hardware or switching banks/processors.

Before beginning...

  • The MID is Thrive's point of connection to your Clover account. As far as Thrive is concerned, your new MID is a brand-new store/integration.

  • Sales info will be pulled in from the new Clover, but sales that took place on the OLD Clover will be lost when the old Clover is disconnected.

  • We strongly recommend downloading all relevant sales and inventory reports and data from Thrive as well as Clover before continuing.

The Process

To copy your inventory to a new MID in Thrive, carefully follow all of these steps in order (many of these steps are irreversible).

1. Ensure that your new Clover account is empty

Make sure your new MID is empty of all products, categories, and tax rates.

Occasionally, Clover will "copy" your inventory from your old MID to your new one for you. Those "copies" of your products WILL create duplicates in Thrive, so the new MID will need to be completely empty before continuing.

2. Rename your old Clover

From your Locations and Integrations page, click on the integration you are replacing and add "OLD" to the title. This will help keep the new and old MIDs identifiable for you and anyone helping you.

3. Connect the new Clover account

Click on the Location name where you want to connect the new Clover MID and use the button to "Connect a merchant account..." on the right.

When prompted, select "Yes" to import (there shouldn't be any data to import, this is just a formality) and "Yes" to real-time sync.

4. Export your inventory from the location to the new Clover

Start the export. This will push all of your products from the location selected to your new Clover. Once it's complete, ensure that your inventory has synced to the new Clover MID.

5. Contact us to disconnect your old Clover

You can leave your OLD integration connected to Thrive for a time in order to continue accessing old sales reports. This will be treated and billed as a separate integration in Thrive.

Overall, we recommend deleting it after downloading the reports you need.


Switching out Clover MIDs can potentially affect your billing, depending on your setup.

The first step is to find out exactly how you're being billed.

To do that, head to your Billing page. Here you'll see more information on your current plan and how you're being billed as shown below:

There may be numerous options for how you want to be billed (like the example above), but only one plan should be a paid plan (Standard, Professional, Elite, Enterprise).

  • If you're being billed through us directly, another integration, or a different Clover account, then no changes are needed. When you add the new Clover account, just be sure to opt for their free "Add-on Location" plan (since you're already being billed through one of the other options).

  • If you're being billed by your old Clover, then we'll need to make a change, since you won't be using it anymore and it will eventually be disconnected. You will want to move your billing onto one of your current integrations to ensure your service isn't interrupted.

    To set up a new billing provider, you'll have three options on how to get billed:

    • From Thrive directly

    • From your new Clover account

    • Or from one of your other integrations (Square or Shopify)

Select the current plan that fits your needs. More information on switching your plan can be found here.

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