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Plans & Billing

How to change your subscription and billing information

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Find the plan that's right for you.

Thrive has multiple plans available, whether it's for a single fashion boutique or statewide distributors who rely on Thrive to power their networks. The right tools for the right price are what we're all about.

Changing/Upgrading your plan

Access the Billing page (under Settings) to change or upgrade your plan. Click "Change plan" under the Subscriptions heading as shown here:

Once you click change plan, a window will pop up on the side with various selections. Choose which plan works for you! (Please navigate to the pricing page here for the most up-to-date pricing on plans)

When upgrading your plan through Thrive billing, the remaining time from your plan will be a prorated towards the upgrade. We advise consulting with our billing partners (Clover, Square, or Shopify) about a prorated upgrade if you are billed through them.

  • NOTE: Especially for annual plans, we strongly encourage you to add your renewal date to your calendar, so you can effectively plan ahead.

Also found on the Billing page are the options to enable Add-Ons, and add/update your preferred payment method.

Why do I have more than one subscription?

This means that you have more than one option for how you would like to be billed.Β 


(The rest should be set to "Free Basic")

How will I be billed for my subscription?

If the Billing Provider is Thrive:

Shopventory will bill the credit card or bank account (ACH) on file. Either can be added in the Payment Methods section.

When connecting your bank account, simply click the "Bank Account" option and input the necessary information. For this feature, we use Plaid, a third-party service that is trusted, private, and secure. The process can take up to 5 days to fully verify and have the funds withdrawn.

To ensure uninterrupted service, Thrive subscriptions automatically renew – either monthly or annually – depending upon the plan in which you are enrolled. Your billing date is the same date that you enrolled in your plan.

  • Monthly: If you were billed on March 4, then your next billing date would be April 4.

  • Annual: If you were billed on June 10, 2020, then your next billing date would be June 10, 2021.

NOTE: If you have multiple payment methods on file, the one marked "Default" is the only one that will be billed.

If the Billing Provider is your POS/e-commerce provider (Square, Clover, etc.):

Thrive Inventory by Shopventory can be billed as part of your POS/e-commerce services. It's like adding HBO to your cable bill. In this metaphor, your cable company (Square/Clover/Shopify, etc.) would handle any charges for HBO (Shopventory).

We provide a link in our system to update your plan on the Billing page.

  • Monthly: Charges will occur on the 1st of every month. (Your first month of service will be prorated through the end of the month).

  • Annual: Currently, this is only available on Shopventory and Shopify billing.

    • To have Shopventory as the Billing Provider, please contact us.

How can I get an invoice for my payment?

If your Billing Provider is Thrive, just scroll to the bottom of your Billing page and you will see the Billing Invoices section. There you will be able to view and download invoices directly from Thrive by Shopventory.

If you are being billed by your POS/e-commerce provider, you will need to reach out to them directly.

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