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Amazon Alexa Integration

Shopventory & Alexa® — how it works.

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Thrive by Shopventory's Alexa integration provides you with sales reports, just by asking! 

You can get sales for today, yesterday, and any specific date, as well as any date range. You can also hear a sales summary for a specific location as well as all of your locations. 

To link your Thrive by Shopventory account to Alexa:

  • Go to Thrive by Shopventory's Alexa Skills page in Amazon

  • Tap on 'Enable'

  • Log in with your Thrive by Shopventory username and password

  • Select the Shopventory account you want to link from the list of accounts

  • Tap 'Authorize' and you should be all set

Install the Amazon Alexa app on your phone for on-the-go updates:

Using Thrive by Shopventory with Alexa

Start by opening the Shopventory skill:

  • "Alexa, open Shopventory"

Get a quick summary by saying:

  • "How's the shop?"

You can also ask about the duration of time, by including "in the past 2 weeks" or "in the last 4 hours" 

For example:

  • "What were my sales in the past 3 days?"
    "In the last 45 minutes?"
    "How about in the past 2 hours?"

  • "Sales in the past hour?" "Sales in the past week?" "Sales in the past month?" etc.

You can also ask about specific dates, date ranges, and even annual quarters!

For example:

  • "What are my sales between October 1st and October 15th?"

  • "Tell me my sales for August 15th, 2021"

  • "How about from September 3rd to September 20th?"

  • "How about last weekend? How about last week?"

  • "What about this month? What about this February?"

  • "Tell me my sales from last year"

  • "How about this year?"

  • "How about last quarter?"

  • "What are my sales for the first quarter of this year?"

  • "How about the first quarter of 2021?"

By default, you will get sales from all of your locations in Thrive by Shopventory. However, you can filter by location by saying:

  • "Change locations"

If you wish to go back to hearing sales for all locations, just say:

  • "Clear the selected location"

More skills beyond Sales Reports are on the way. If there's something, in particular, you'd like to see, start a chat and let us know!

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