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Double-sales in Thrive

Processing e-commerce payments via Square/Clover

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Thrive allows you to connect your e-commerce website and your brick-and-mortar store for accurate inventory and sales tracking.

Some businesses use the same payment processor for the e-commerce website and POS. However, this is not recommended and will result in duplicate sales in Thrive because:

  • Thrive connects to your e-commerce site (WooCommerce/ BigCommerce)

  • Thrive also connects to your POS (Clover/Square)

  • When a sale occurs on your e-commerce site, Thrive will receive two receipts from the same sale.

    • One will come from your POS since the payment was processed there.

    • One will come from your e-commerce site since the sale was made there.

  • This results in duplicate sales, inaccurate quantities, and reporting issues.

Recommended Fix

The recommended fix you choose will depend on the integrations you are currently using.

For Square & BigCommerce/WooCommerce:


  • Select a new payment processor for your e-commerce site that is not Square. (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)

For Clover & BigCommerce/WooCommerce:

  • Connect a new Clover MID to the e-commerce site to process sales. Leave the new Clover MID unconnected in Thrive.


  • Select a new payment processor for your e-commerce site that is not Clover. (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)

Things to Note:

  • The above recommendations will not retroactively fix any double sales synced to Thrive in the past. They will only fix sales going forward.

  • You can look at past double sales by filtering the sales report to show one integration only.

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