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Products Not Syncing

Changes made in Thrive not pushing to your point-of-sale or e-com platform? Here are the troubleshooting steps to get you back on track.

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"The updates I made in Thrive aren't pushing out to my integration!"

Does that sound familiar? Keep reading for surefire steps to get your products back on track in 6 steps:

1. Check your integration's dashboard

Occasionally, the products from Thrive will get stuck in limbo between our software and your POS. When that happens, typically it will show up on your integrations web interface (or backend), but hasn't made the final leg of the journey to your POS.

If you log in to your integration's website and everything looks good, it will just be a matter of waiting for your provider to update your device or make the final push. It shouldn't be long now!

If what you see in Thrive doesn’t match what you’re seeing in your provider’s web portal, write to our Customer Care Team with an example and we can take a closer look for you.

2. Is your integration set to sync?

The sync settings must be turned to 'ON' for items to automatically sync to an integration.

If they are OFF, no changes will sync over:

3. Is the product set as "Active"?

This is the default setting, but if your Products are inactive they won't be visible to your integration.

The "Active" setting applies to ALL variants of the product.

4. Is the integration enabled?

In the Locations section of the Edit Product page (see image below), make sure that 1) the correct location(s) are enabled, and 2) the integration is turned on as well.

If you see the words "No enabled integrations," that means the product isn't syncing to any merchant accounts connected to that location.

Once you click "No enabled integrations," you'll see a popup that will allow you to enable it. Simply save your changes and your product will be pushed to your POS momentarily.

5. Try a manual sync

From the Edit Product page, click the gear wheel at the top-right corner.

Choose "Sync Product to integrations."

This will force another push from Thrive to the integration(s) enabled for the Product.

Check your integration again in a couple of minutes (it can take up to 10 minutes).

6. Try a "Push all un-synced products & variants" task

You've made it to our final step. If all else fails to sync your product, this should be your golden ticket.

Under Settings > Advanced, you'll see the "Push all un-synced products & variants" task and a brief description (here's even more information on that specific task).

In short, this will do a manual push on all your products that our system sees are "not synced."

Once the process is complete, check the web dashboard for your POS again.

If there are a lot of products it's trying to sync, use the Tasks page to see its progress.

Integration-specific notes:

  • For Shopify, variants must have a price before they will sync.

  • For Clover, if you're trying to sync a product with variants, be sure your Clover plan supports products with multiple variants.

  • For BigCommerce, products must have weight

  • Additional steps for WooCommerce users can be found here: 

Still a no-go?

If you’ve taken all the steps above and are still not seeing the changes you made in Thrive on your POS provider's website, let us know! Click on the chat button in Thrive or send us an email at! Be sure to include the name of the product(s) that isn't syncing.

We are here to help!

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