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Pushing All Un-synced Products

The advanced option to ensure sure your inventory is synced to your integrations.

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When a product is created or edited in Thrive, and syncing is enabled, the updates / created products will automatically synchronize to your POS. 

If those changes are not being synced to your integrations, you can do a manual check on your entire catalog by running the "Push all un-synched products & variants" task.

If a product is not showing up on your point of sale, more than likely it is un-synced. Here are some other troubleshooting tips for products that aren't syncing:

Starting the task

Go to Settings>Advanced and click the "Push all unsynced products & variants" task:

Follow the syncing progress from your Tasks page:

Things to Note:

  • If products are not appearing at the point of sale, follow the steps in this guide first: Products Not Syncing.

  • This task will not override incorrect settings or enable products on an integration. (See: Exporting to an Integration)

  • This is not the same as syncing an individual Product from the Edit Product panel (step 4 in Products Not Syncing).

  • This task should not be a part of your regular workflow. If you have to sync with regularity, please reach out and let us know.

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