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Receiving Inventory

Five options to receive product shipments into Thrive.

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There are 5 different ways to receive incoming inventory into Thrive:

Option 1: Receive a PO

A purchase order (PO) is the most recommended option for receiving product into Thrive and syncing it to your integrations.

Purchase orders allow you to easily create orders and send them directly to vendors from Thrive.

Once the order is set up, receiving and ensuring your vendor gets the order right is easy. In addition, you can see incoming products as well, so you don't accidentally order too much.

We'll track your historical orders and the sale of the products on our Vendor Sales Report.

Create your first purchase order now, or learn more by clicking the button below:

Option 2: "Add" in bulk on the Products page

To access this option, go to your Products page, click the "Actions" button, and select "Add" from the dropdown.

The "Add" function will allow you to add to the existing quantity, enter a unit lot cost for the incoming units, and update the current price.

When using the "Add" function, you add new units to the existing quantities. For example, if I had 10 before and added 5, I would have 15 as your new total. 


The "Add" function can also be used to subtract units. Simply add a minus symbol before the number you want to subtract (e.g. "-5" will deduct 5 units from the shelf).

Once you enter the quantity, you can add a unit lot cost for this incoming lot. In other words, you are setting how much was paid for this particular inventory shipment.

If you leave the cost field blank, Thrive will assume the product was received at the default cost.

Read more about bulk actions on the Products page by clicking the button below:

Option 3: Via bulk upload spreadsheet

Bulk upload spreadsheets are perfect for making bulk changes (via a spreadsheet).

To access this spreadsheet, go to the Bulk Uploads page, click "Start Bulk Upload."

From there, select the Receive Inventory Quantities spreadsheet and enable only the locations currently receiving the product. This spreadsheet will add to your existing counts.

Once the spreadsheet is generated, you can start entering quantities for products you're receiving. A few notes on the additional columns:

  • Any cost entered will be attributed to that lot (to ensure accurate cost calculations on reports).

  • Leave any products blank if they’re not being received.

Pro Tip

We also have a Create Purchase Order bulk upload spreadsheet to help keep an accurate record of what was received and when.

Read more about leveraging bulk upload spreadsheets for your business by clicking the button below:

Option 4: Use our Barcode Scanner Mobile App. 

The Barcode Scanner Mobile App is a great option for quickly receiving products from your phone.

If your inventory has barcodes or SKU numbers assigned and entered into Thrive, you can search for those items from the app using your phone’s camera. 

The Barcode Scan App allows you to receive inventory or edit existing quantities. 

Click below to learn more about the app:

Option 5: The Edit Product page

From the Edit Product page, click on the "Locations" tab.

Then, click "Edit" for the location you want to adjust, and select the proper "Adjustment Reason" as shown below. Choose between "Receive Inventory," which adds units to the current quantity, or "Manual Adjustment," which overrides the current quantity.

When you're done, click "Update."

Most importantly, whichever method you choose to receive inventory, ensure all your inventory management gets done in Thrive only. Changes made in Thrive will automatically be sent out to your merchant account integrations.

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