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Inventory History

Viewing the product or inventory history on Thrive.

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It is absolutely essential to be able to see a product's inventory history. With the Inventory History in Thrive, you can see what caused a quantity to change, when it happened, and how much was added or deducted.

Inventory History is separated by location; you can access it from multiple spots on Thrive.

In addition, each integration should have its own version of an inventory history or an audit log for each product. Compared with our Inventory History, it can be extremely helpful when investigating discrepancies or issues.

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From the main Inventory page

On the Products page, click on the quantity value in the "In Stock" column to view a product's inventory history.

Once you've clicked into the inventory history, you can switch between locations, or export the information as a PDF or CSV.

You'll also see helpful information like the timezone of the location you are looking at, and if there are any incoming quantities from a Purchase Order or Internal Transfer.

You can view more details on the movement by hovering over the symbols in the "Notes" column (on the right side).

From the Reports section

To view a product's inventory history in the Reports section, simply click on any hyperlinked (blue) quantity in the report you are running.

The information you access from the Inventory page will be the same, including the ability to export as a PDF or CSV, switch between locations, see the location timezone, and be aware of any incoming quantities.

Like the Inventory page, hover over the symbols in the "Notes" column (on the right side) to get more details on the movement.

Seeing multiple deductions at one time?

There's no need to worry, this is by design.

Since we track your inventory by lot, when a deduction is made, it can sometimes span multiple lots.

For example, let's say we deduct 15 units from a product in our catalog.

In our case, those next 15 units span three lots, as shown here:

Notice that the timestamp for all three deductions is simultaneous (4:24:10 pm). That's an indicator that it all happened from one action.

Your Inventory Settings preferences (first in, first out, or last in, first out) can be set on your Company Info page.

Symbol Key

There are many different symbols in the "Notes" column that could appear in your Inventory History. Here are a few of the most common entries. Remember, hovering over a symbol will give you more information, like any Notes left or a link to the receipt.

Product Audit Log

To see what changes were made to a product, like when it was created or last updated, that information will be in the Audit Log.

To learn more about the specific places you can view the Audit Log, click the button below:

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