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Barcode Scanner Mobile App

Using the mobile app to receive and reconcile inventory quantities

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The Barcode Scanner mobile app allows you to quickly scan visual barcodes to find products and update quantities using your device's camera, as shown here:

For inventory counts and reconciliations, we recommend using our Stocktakes function.

For receiving inventory, here are the other options we have to offer.

Using the Barcode Scanner App

First, log in to your Thrive account and select your location:

Next, use the magnifying glass to search by SKU or Barcode. Use the scan icon to use your device's camera to scan a visual barcode.

Select a product, you can select either Reconciliation or Receiving

  • Reconciliation Mode is the 'Edit' option in Thrive. You can change the existing quantity to a new number.

  • Receiving Mode is used for adding quantities to the existing stock. You can use negative numbers to deduct (e.g. -5 to deduct 5 units). Learn more

Enter custom notes and select a reason for the update. The updates are also linked to the user account who downloaded the app to make the change: 

The change will be entered into Thrive and pushed out to your point of sale immediately.

Things to Note:

  • This app will only locate products that already have a SKU or Barcode assigned.

  • You cannot assign a SKU or Barcode to a product using the Barcode Scanner Mobile App.

  • The app does NOT count towards the single session login enforcement.

  • All changes made in the Barcode Scanner Mobile App will be credited to the User Account that is logged into the mobile app.

  • A User who has been removed will lose access to manage inventory via the app.

  • When receiving inventory, the Cost field will only apply to the Lot being received. Learn more

  • Thrive can be accessed from any device via the web browser at The interface is the same, but does adjust depending on screen size (we recommend at least a 7-inch sized screen)

Download the Barcode Scanner App!

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