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Tag / Label Printing

Print visual/scannable price tags and labels from Thrive.

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Let us help you generate visual/scannable barcodes.

Choose whether you want your price tags/labels generated from your SKUs or barcodes in our system, and we'll create pre-formatted PDF files you can print.

This feature is included on Standard plans and up.

You'll be able to learn more about our plans and upgrade here.

Supported printers & label sizes

Disclaimer: We test and guarantee compatibility with the printers below. As you can imagine, we can't test all printers, so there are more printers we can work with. For any printers not listed below, we recommend testing them out on your end.

Printer - Desktop/Home Printers (Avery labels)

Label sizes:

  • 8860/8160/5160 (30 labels per page)

  • 8195/5195 (60 labels per page)

  • 8167/5167 (80 labels per page)


Printer - Brother QL-810W

Label sizes:

  • DK-1201 - 1.14 x 3.5 in

  • DK-1204 - 0.66 x 2.1 in

  • DK-1221 - 0.9 x 0.9 in


Label sizes:

  • 30299 (jewelry barbell-style) - .0625 x 2.125 in

  • 30332 - 1 x 1 in

  • 30334 - 1 1/4 x 2 1/4 in

  • 30336 - 1 x 2 1/8 in

  • 30345 - 3/4 x 2 1/2 in

  • 30347 - 1 x 1.5 in

Supported SKU/barcode formats:

UPC-A - 12 digits Universal Product Code

  • All Thrive-generated SKUs are in UPC (12) format. Learn more

  • This is the standard for most products sold in the US.

EAN-8 (aka GTIN-8) EAN 8 is the short form of EAN-13

  • Hyphen NOT valid

  • Spaces NOT valid

  • Letters NOT valid

EAN-13 - 13 digits European Article Numbering barcode

In the US, this is the ISBN found in books. Note: The ISBN is 13 characters when you include the hyphens.

  • 0-688-12316-3 - Good

Code 128 - 5 alphanumerical characters max

  • Hyphen NOT valid

  • Spaces NOT valid

  • Forward & Backward slashes are NOT valid

Label examples

Here is what each label looks like when printed:

Pro-Tip: Sometimes, the product variant will appear in parentheses, on a different line, or not at all, depending on your chosen format.

Where to print labels/price tags

1) The Products page

From the Products page, click the "Actions" button and select Print SKU / Barcode Labels, as shown here:

2) Product Details page

Print labels via the Product Details page, as shown here:

From both the Products page and the individual Product Details page, those options will present this modal:

  • You can choose whether to translate the SKU or the Barcode fields into a visual Barcode. 

  • The Thrive SKU generator uses UPC format (12 digits) and is the default option. 

  • Visual barcodes cannot be printed if the number is not in a recognized format.

Next, choose the variants you'd like to print labels and confirm how many labels to print for each.

  • NOTE: Avery sheets users can select how many blank cells they want to leave unprinted before confirming.

3) Purchase Orders

When you receive a PO, you will automatically be prompted to see if you'd like to print labels for the products just received. If you do, we'll pre-fill those products and quantities for you!

Having issues?

No worries, we've got a list of the most common issues and fixes here:

Things to Note:

  • If your browser does not have the paper size built-in, use Ctrl-P (⌘-P on Mac) to view all the size options on your operating system.

  • Barcodes and SKUs are validated with the recognized formats below.

  • The Barcodes you print from Thrive can be scanned using the Barcode Scanner app.

  • You may need to uncheck "Fit to page" in your printer settings for proper formatting.

  • When printing multiple pages of Avery labels, the second (and any more than the first) page prints a few millimeters higher than the first page. If you configure the printer to skip the first page and just print the second page and onward, it prints correctly. You can edit the print settings margins to 'none' to fix alignment issues.

    • This issue tends to affect older home printers.

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