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Inventory Tracking "Disabled"

What it means and how to change it

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What is inventory tracking?

It means Thrive is keeping track of the quantity of that product.

For example, if I sell hats, having tracking turned on will tell me how many hats are currently on the shelf at any given time. When one is sold, we'll deduct one from our quantity and ensure it's syncing out to your integrations.

If a product's tracking is disabled, we won't be tracking those units, and they will not appear on your inventory report.

When should it be turned off?

Usually, only in the cases of Services & Non-Inventory Products. For example, if I give haircuts, I don't want to track the quantity of "haircuts" I have.

How do I turn tracking ON for ALL my Products?

Go to the Advanced tab in the 'Settings' section of Thrive and start the task labeled "Enable inventory tracking for all variants":

How do I turn it OFF?

Simple: Turn off inventory tracking for those products on the Product Details page. 

Click on any product on which you would like to turn off inventory tracking. Scroll down to the Variants & Defaults section, and toggle the 'Track Inventory' button to off.

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