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Assemblies: Case break (Example)
Assemblies: Case break (Example)

Break down pallets or cases into smaller, sellable, units.

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Use Assemblies to break down a case or pallet into smaller, sellable units and ensure the proper quantities are deducted and credited.

Assemblies make it easy to take a product (or input) and break it down into final sellable products (output). The input product can be turned into the output product when you say so, instead of deducting from the product at the time of sale like a Bundle would.

If you are new to Assemblies, please start with this article:

Pallet Example

We order cases of beer from our vendor, who exclusively ships them to us in the form of large pallets. Each pallet contains 78 cases (24-packs) of beer. We are not going to turn around and sell that pallet to a customer, but instead, we break it down into smaller sellable units.

Today, we received 1 pallet from our Coors distributor. To turn the pallet into sellable cases and we use Assemblies. The pallet is the input and the output is the 78 24-packs that come from it.

Say we receive two pallets of Coors Light tomorrow though. We can run the template twice to make sure we have the correct count of 24-packs on hand.

We'll take this large pallet that we just received from the Coors Distributor (the input):

And turn it into this sellable output:

  • NOTE: The Assembly cost will be applied to each unit that is output. In this example, if your Assembly cost is $10, be sure to do the math before and enter 10¢ (or .1) for that field. Otherwise, you'll be adding the $10 Assembly cost to each of the 78 units (outcomes).

Once the template/recipe is saved, we can move on to the Run sections and actually carry out the Assembly. Click on the Run section and then "Start Assembly" as shown here:

Add your template and the number of runs you would like Thrive to perform and select your Starting and Ending locations (and be sure to add any Fees). When that's set, click the "Run" button:

The next screen will be a preview of all the actions that are about to take place. If everything is looking good, click the "Continue Run" button:

And that's it! The correct quantities are credited and debited and now we've got 156 24-packs of Coors Lights to either sell or break down further into 12-packs, 6-packs, or individual beers!

  • NOTE: If you're breaking a case into singles, Bundles are also a good option as well! Here's more information on that specific approach.

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