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Syncing Disruption with Square Online [Notice]
Syncing Disruption with Square Online [Notice]

A brief overview of Square's recent update, the potential issues, and resolution.

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[April 18th, 2024] Resolution

A recent update in Square has negatively affected how Thrive and Square interact when images, descriptions, or categories are added directly to Square Online.

Continue reading if you use Square Online ✅ for your e-commerce and one of the following applies to you:

  • You have multiple images per product on your Square Online site

  • You have different product descriptions in Thrive and Square Online

To read more about the disruption, click here.


An update has been released in Thrive to offset the Square disruption, making it possible to:

  • Sync multiple categories ✅

  • Use content-rich descriptions ✅

  • Have multiple images per product ✅

Continue reading if you only have a Square integration connected to Thrive. Otherwise, if you have other integrations connected (BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.), click here to go straight to that section.

Only have Square connected to Thrive?

For users exclusively integrated with Square, follow these steps to leverage new features:

  1. If you disabled the “Sync product images” option (under Settings), you can enable that now.

  2. Next, import from Square to transfer all existing categories, descriptions, and images into Thrive.

Here's a GIF of the whole process:

Caution: Importing is irreversible and will bring all Square information into Thrive. If you have concerns about the data transfer, please contact us beforehand.


Multiple Categories

If you have multiple categories in Thrive, your steps may differ slightly to maintain their integrity.

Additional Integrations

The steps are slightly different if you have Square and other integrations connected to Thrive (like Clover, Shopify, BigCommerce, or Woo).

If either of these apply to you, please contact our Customer Care Team so we can help determine the right path for you using the green chat bubble or emailing us at

Background Information

On March 21st, 2024, a disruption with how our system syncs to Square Online was reported. Before a recent update in Square, if you used Square Online, there were two places you could edit your products.

The first was a product editor for its general Square Dashboard, which Thrive syncs directly to. Square's product editor only allowed a single image per product, so we configured Thrive accordingly and only synced out one image per Square product.

If you used Square Online, the other place to edit products was an online product editor that pulled information from the dashboard. This editor also allowed you to add additional images and alternate descriptions to your website.

In the recent update, Square has consolidated both product editors (Square Dashboard and Square Online) into one.

The Problem

With Square's recent update, it’s possible that if you use Square Online, editing the specific product in Thrive and saving could result in those additional images being removed from your Square Online site or descriptions being changed.

For example, by making changes to a product in Thrive (i.e., cost, price, product name, SKU, barcode, etc.), anything but images or counts, by clicking "Save," we could override your product description in Square Online.


Please don’t hesitate to chat in using the green chat bubble and our Customer Care Team can assist further.

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