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PAR Levels vs Alerts

What's the difference?

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PAR Levels and Alerts serve two different functions, although they are similar and can work together.Β 

It's best to think of them as commands:

  • PAR Level β€” Once the product quantity goes to x quantity or below, it's low enough to re-order on the next Purchase Order.

  • Alert β€” Simply get notified when this product goes below this threshold so that you can replenish quantities ASAP.

The Low Inventory Report includes items at or below your established PAR and/or Alert levels.

This is a visual representation of the different levels:

Opt into receiving e-mails when an item falls below your set PAR level. Navigate to User Settings and activate the toggle as shown below:

Other Differences

  • Since alerts trigger emails, each user manages their own. Alerts do not and cannot be applied to all users simultaneously.

  • PAR Levels are applied to the variants themselves, so these are the same for all users.

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