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Low Inventory Report

See Products that are currently running low based on Alerts and PAR Levels.

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The Low Inventory Report shows a current list of all products that are meeting alert criteria. "Low" means a different thing for each business, this is why you get to define what "low" means for you.

The Low Inventory Report is based on Alerts and PAR Levels

To define what you consider "low," head over to your Alerts section and set the threshold for your Products. Alerts are user-specific, so the Low Inventory Report is as well.

PAR Levels also define a threshold for "low" inventory. PAR Levels are the minimum quantity you set on each item. Once the quantity is at PAR, that item is included on the Low Inventory Report.

Unlike Alerts, PAR Levels are universal across all user accounts. Learn more

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Report Summary

The columns in this report include:

  • Product (with Categories and Vendors)

  • Variant (with Barcode and SKU)

  • Location

  • List Price

  • In Stock

  • PAR Level

  • Reorder Qty

  • Current Cost per unit

  • Estimated Total value

  • Estimated Potential Revenue

  • Estimated Potential Profit (and %)

The Summary Boxes are the multi-colored boxes at the top of the report that provide a synopsis of certain aspects of the report. Included in this report are:

  • Estimated Total Value

  • Estimated Potential Profit

  • Quantity In Stock

Things to Note:

  • The only time/date range option is the current moment when the Low Inventory Report is pulled. (Exports will be time-stamped)

  • Filters that have been applied on the page will be applied on export.

  • Items that show up on this report can be automatically added to a Purchase Order using the "Auto-Add Low Inventory Products" button and noted here.

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