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Duplicate Products

Where duplicates come from and how to deal with them

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A duplicate is a product that appears more than once in the same location. These are separate products, but with matching information. Having duplicate products can cause both sales and inventory history to be off, so it is important to understand what to do when you come across one.

Duplicates are caused when a product that already exists is created again. Typically we see this happen when a new integration (with products) is connected to an existing location and imported into Thrive. Depending on your setup, you may want to have two standalone versions of a product (and bundle their quantities together), but you can always ask the Customer Care Team to take a closer look for you.

Duplicates can also occur when a user consistently makes changes in both the integration and in Thrive. This is why we recommend making all of your inventory changes in Thrive only (more information on syncing can be found here).

Sometimes products may look like duplicates in Thrive, but they are not actually duplicated. 

For instance: 

  • A product that is sold at two locations will show up twice in your inventory list. 

  • A product that came from two separate integrations (e.g. Square and Shopify) will also be listed independently; these may need to be merged, but they are not true duplicates.

For help determining what action you should take, please refer to the flow chart below:

If you're still not sure where your account stands or how to proceed, please contact the Customer Care Team for assistance.

For more information on the actions above:

  • "Clear merchant account": The process of deleting products in each platform (Clover, Square, Shopify, etc) varies. Click here to learn more.

  • "Merge Process": This refers to choosing one integration as your "master" inventory list. You will need to have a Thrive team member reset your account, delete all inventory from the other integration(s), import the master list, and export from Thrive to the other integration(s).

If you need to reset your account, please the Customer Care Team for help.

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