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How Thrive Average Monthly Transactions are calculated
How Thrive Average Monthly Transactions are calculated

Details on how the number is calculated and why it's important.

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The Average Monthly Transactions number measures the transactions coming through your different sales channels and locations. For more details on the different Average Monthly Transaction ranges for each plan, please click here.

To calculate your Average Monthly Transactions, take your last 90 days of transactions and divide by three. Only take into account sales channels connected to Thrive. To reiterate:

Total transactions in last 90 days

÷ 3 (months)

= Average Monthly Transaction

This is calculated over a rolling 90-day window to ensure we capture the latest transactions and allow old ones (over 90 days) to fall off and not be factored in. Using a rolling 90-day window, allows us to smooth out periods of time with high transaction volume (such as Christmas) across a 90-day period.

This is enforced on all current plans and starts once you are out of your trial period.

Keep reading for more information on commonly asked questions.

How is it calculated?

We use a sliding 90-day window of your transactions to calculate this number. We take the monthly average over the past 90 days and that will be your Average Monthly Transaction Usage for the day.

Your Average Monthly Transaction Usage is on a sliding 30-day calendar. If you are over your limits for 16 days during the course of the sliding 30 days you'll receive a notification to upgrade your plan.

16 days is the indicator for our system that you've been over your limit for over half of the month and will need to upgrade your plan or purchase an add-on.

Wanting to dive deeper into the numbers? Be sure to check out this article for an in-depth example.

Why is it calculated this way?

By calculating it this way, we are doing our best to level out any spikes in business. This ensures that when the Average Monthly Transactions number goes up, your transactions are consistently increasing and your business is growing.

What happens if I go over my limit?

If you go over the limit for your plan for 16 days over a sliding 30-day window (51% of a month), you will get a notification in your account that you need to upgrade to a higher plan or purchase a transaction add-on within 7 days.

When you've gone over your limit, you can either upgrade your plan or add on a bucket of additional monthly transactions.

If neither happens within 7 days, syncing on your account (products and quantities on your Locations & Integrations page) will be turned off.

Where do I see my Average Monthly Transaction?

This number can be found under Settings > Billing. From there, simply scroll down to the "Average Monthly Transaction" section.

NOTE: If you are on a grandfathered plan (signed up before January 1st, 2023), you will not see this section.

How can I see the number of transactions from a previous month?

Easy! Just run an Order Report for the entirety of the month in question and look at the order totals in the Order Summary box, as shown here:

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