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Thrive University || Course 2, Lesson 1 || Intro to Catalog & Products
Thrive University || Course 2, Lesson 1 || Intro to Catalog & Products

An introduction to the importance of an organized catalog and how to get started

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In this Lesson of Thrive University, we'll dive into why having a tidy catalog is crucial and the benefits that come with it. We'll also discuss ways the catalog can be customized to fit business needs using Thrive's features and maximize profit

The Power of the Catalog: 1.1 Why the Catalog Matters

The Power of the Catalog: 1.2 Planning Your Catalog


  • Think about how you want your product(s) to appear at your point of sale - this can help you determine how to build and organize your catalog.


What is the difference between a product with variants and a product with attributes?

A variant is any item that is not a simple product. Products created through the generated attribute matrix are still variants, but the difference is the method of creating them, and that the attribute matrix allows you to assign headers (like color of size). These are helpful when you need drop-down menus on your website.

What is a modifier and how can I use it?

Modifiers can be used in a multitude of ways to customize a product at the time of sale. For example, a picture can have modifiers that offer a frame or no frame, or a cup of coffee can have modifiers for different types of milk options, extra shots of espresso, and more.

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