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New Year's Resolution for Streamlining Thrive
New Year's Resolution for Streamlining Thrive

Stick to your resolution and get your 2024 off to the right start.

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[January 23rd, 2024]

Cleaning up your Thrive account is a noble resolution, but how can you do it?

Here are three ways to keep your resolution and stay on top of your Thrive account:

Clean up your catalog

Cleaning up your catalog can feel like a massive undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s break it into small, feasible steps and provide the tools to get your catalog back on track.

Overall, we recommend deleting products you’re no longer selling and not planning to sell in the future. Purging your catalog will make Thrive and any integrations run more smoothly and eliminate any extra noise.

Click below for the three-step process we recommend:

Stay informed on new features

Our engineers release weekly updates, enhancements, and sometimes new features. We also have beta testing for our brand-new features, which you can join!

Increase efficiency

We've made many updates to Settings and what you can do in Thrive over the past year. No matter what you use us for, we have something to ensure your account is firing on all cylinders!

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