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Becoming more efficient with Thrive

Use your Settings to leverage our features to better suit your business.

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[January 23rd, 2024]

Boost your efficiency by using the tools that Thrive has to offer.

Over the past year, we've added new capabilities to our features on the Settings page for more customization to support your workflow.

This article is just one of three focused on cleaning up your account. For all the tips, click this button:

Locations & integrations check

This is a simple but essential step in the right direction. Little things, like naming your location, adding an address, and ensuring the accurate timezone, will speed up invoices, purchase orders, and internal transfers.

From the Locations & Integrations tab, we recommend:

  • Naming your location(s) allows easy filtering on reports and the Products page. The location name will also appear on Purchase Orders, Internal Transfers, and Invoices.

  • Add your address to the location so that when you use Purchase Orders, Internal Transfers, and Invoices, the address automatically comes over every time.

  • Lastly, double-check the timezone is accurate for each location. This timezone is used to make sure we deliver accurate results on reports!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg for that page. Just click around and see what else you can customize to your business!

Add your business logo

Uploading your business logo to your Company Info page will give your invoices and purchase orders a professional touch.

Add a profile photo

Know immediately whether you're logged into the correct account by adding a profile photo.

Add your photo on the Profile page. The image will show up across the app as long as you're logged in, as shown below:

Users & Permissions

The New Year is a great time to ensure all your users are in order. Ask yourself these questions while looking at your Access Control page.

  1. Are all these users still with the company?

  2. Do all these people need access to Thrive?

  3. Does each user have the correct permissions to complete their job?

Our features have expanded significantly in the last few months, meaning new permissions. Double-check those to ensure everyone has the proper clearances to do their job!

Undo and set expiration dates for Assemblies

Does your company use Assemblies for your recipes or bill of materials?

From your Assemblies Settings page, unlock the ability to set an expiration date for a template. That way, if you're making a tray of muffins, you can view the expiring inventory on your Expiring Inventory Report before it's too late.

In addition, you can enable the option to reverse executions to undo a run. Please also input the number of days you want the option available.

Implement "blind" Stocktakes and customize columns

Under the Stocktakes Settings page, new capabilities are available to make your Stocktakes more accurate and efficient.

Quickly enact "blind" Stocktakes (by turning off the "Expected" and "Discrepeancy" columns) with the click of a button.

Just turn off the toggle shown below:

In addition, you can add a prefix to your Stocktake and adjust your columns.

See for yourself by going to your Stocktake settings now.

Automate your POs and Transfers

There are new options for automatic rounding on purchase orders and internal transfers.

This is a favorite for companies using the "Auto-Add" quantities buttons to populate their orders or transfers.

Based on the conditions you set up, Thrive can automatically round decimals (up or down) to the nearest whole number.

You can learn more about automatic rounding here.

Per unit pricing customization (Clover & Square)

If you're in an industry that sells products by different units (per lbs, oz, ft, etc), now you can define your units in Thrive!

Add your custom units(lbs, oz, feet, etc.) from the Product Details Settings page.

As a reminder, there are three pricing types available for a product:

  • Fixed pricing - A product has a standard price, and only whole quantities are sold.

  • Variable pricing - Assign a price at the POS.

  • Price per unit - Sell products by measured units (e.g., per gallon, per ounce, per kilogram, etc.). These can be partial or whole units and are only for Clover and Square users.

Read more about pricing options & how to price your items here:

New Fields (Shopify & WooCommerce)

We've added 10 Shopify fields and 8 WooCommerce fields to Thrive.

The Shopify fields include compare at price, meta fields, status, and more. See the complete list here.

And the WooCommerce fields range from slug, product status, sale price, and more. The complete list can be found here.

Explore the new fields more and choose which ones to enable by clicking this button:

Want more information?

We're happy to help update you on any of these new settings. Book a call with our Customer Care Team using the button below:

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