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Expiring Inventory Report

See what's about to expire to avoid spoilage, loss or waste.

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The Expiring Inventory Report shows all the products that have expired according to the dates you input for their expiration date (click here to learn more). The report will show any products that will expire before the date the report is run.

For example, to want to make sure you're aware of products that are expiring this upcoming week, make sure to generate the report for a date at the end of the week. That way the report will include all the products that are currently expired, along with the ones that are set to expire by the end of the week.

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Report Summary

By default, the report will be generated for today, but you do have the option to choose a date in the past or future.

The available columns in this report include:

  • Product

  • Location

  • Expiration (Date)

  • Received qty

  • Qty remaining

  • Value

  • Est. Profit

The Summary Boxes are the multi-colored boxes at the top of the report that provide a synopsis of certain aspects of the report. Included in this report are:

  • Lots Expiring - the number of lots set to expire (not individual products).

  • Quantity Expiring - the number of individual products set to expire

  • Value of Expiring Quantity - The sum of all the expiring products (Lot Cost x Qty)

  • Potential Profit Expiring

NOTE: You can also see these numbers on the Dashboard page in the lower left corner.

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