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Staying informed on new features

Know where to find the latest updates, and where to find our beta tests.

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[January 23rd, 2024]

Our engineers are constantly fine-tuning features, adding more functionality, and trying to create a better experience for you.

There's a lot to keep up with, so we have some tips on staying in the loop!

This article is just one of three focused on cleaning up your account. For all the tips, click this button:

See the latest releases

From newly supported fields to complete feature overhauls, all major releases and added features are noted on our changelog.

See recent releases and updates now:

Opt into a beta test

We offer beta tests for many of our features before they are released to everyone. From new features to enhanced features and even new spreadsheets, all of our beta tests can be found in our Marketplace under "Built by Thrive," as shown here:

You can also opt out of any betas you're currently partaking in.

So, if you feel like trying brand-new functionality and are ready to give us feedback, opt in today!

Keep a lookout for notes

Our new Home page beta (available for testing) gives you a more customizable experience. Now, you can adjust and fine-tune the stats vital to you and your role.

In addition, the new Home page has a Bulletin Board for private and public notes for the team. You'll also see critical notifications from us and announcements as shown below:

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