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Comparing the new & old Home pages

See the differences and updates in comparison to the old Home page.

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The Home page is your first stop to see how business is going, so we wanted you to have more control over it.

Since your company and your role are unique, we created a custom experience so you can get the exact information you want right away!

With that, the Home page looks different (by design!), but we want to ensure you can still access the same information as before.

And rest assured, almost everything from the old page is still available on the new Home page.

We also added new sections, like Metrics tiles and charts, a Bulletin Board, and an Activity Log. Find out more about each section and the basics of navigating the new Home page here:

To make sure you’re not missing anything from the old Home page, we'll go through each section and show it's equal in the new experience:

Summary Tiles

On the old home page, there were Net Sales, Gross Profit, Transactions, Products Sold, Gross Profit Margin, and Low Inventory Products:

All of that information can be found on "At a Glance" tiles, as shown here:

To match the Dashboard, use these tiles:

  • Net Sales

  • Gross Profit

  • Transaction Count

  • Products Sold

  • Gross Profit Margin

  • Products with Low Inventory

In addition, some tiles include adjustable time ranges, so you can adjust the range to one you prefer or have multiple tiles with different time ranges.

To see all the tiles options, click the green plus sign.

Charts & Graphs

The old Home page had charts and graphs for the day's sales, transactions, and top categories:

On the Home page, those can be configured under Metrics by using these charts:

  • Gross Sales Revenue

  • Transaction Count

  • Top Categories by Revenue

Once you have your charts, you can use the Filters button to fine-tune all of your Metrics charts.

For example, maybe you have all your charts to reflect today's numbers, but you want to look at the past week or month. Use the Filters button to adjust the date range or the entire section.

To restore default settings and erase temporary filters, refresh the page, or click "Clear all filters."

There is no chart with an hourly breakdown to compare "Today" to the same day last week. Instead, use the "Last Week" or "Last 7 Days" date range to see your performance against last week's numbers.

Expiring Products

The old Home page had data for products that were expiring soon and products that had already expired, as shown here:

The "products expiring soon" information is available with "At a Glance" tiles. Those tiles include:

  • Expiring Lots

  • Expiring Units

  • Cost of expiring units

  • Profit lost from expiring units

Once those are added, it will look like this:

Like the other tiles, they are all customizable. So, if you want to see profits lost from expiring units over the last 30 days, you can do that.

Looking for insights on previously expired products?

Find that and more on the Expiring Inventory Report. Run it for the previous day to see all the previously expired products, including:

  • number of expired lots

  • number of expired units

  • value of the expired product

  • estimated profit lost

To recap...

The new Home page has many things that aren't included in the old experience, including:

  • New insights (35 new info tiles and 15 new charts and graphs).

  • Customizable time ranges, filters, and options for grouping.

  • A place to communicate with the team (or leave yourself notes).

  • A convenient audit log to keep tabs on employees and co-workers.

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