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Tracking Commissions

Using Bundle to track commissions.

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Inventory-Based Commissions

In this article, we explain how to track individual employee sales of a product (and therefore commissions) by creating a Bundle of the products.

To set up commissions, it helps to have a firm understanding of how Bundles work. Please check the Bundles article here (which includes a video on making bundles) if you are not familiar with bundling.

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We will use a mattress in this example, but any product can be substituted and work:

The first step is making sure you have a "King Mattress" and "Queen Mattress" set up as individual products, so we can link those individual products as components to the 'commission' bundled variants.

You'll need individual King and Queen mattresses in your inventory to link the 'Posturepedic' variants to:

Once you are sure you have individual King and Queen mattresses in your inventory, go ahead and create another product titled "Posturepedic Mattress".

Say we have two salespeople.

We will need two versions of each Variant (King and Queen), named after each salesperson.

(please note, the name of the salesperson may print on a receipt, feel free to use letters)

  • Variant: King - Sales Person A (Mark)

  • Variant: King - Sales Person B (Emily)

  • Variant: Queen - Sales Person A (Mark)

  • Variant: Queen - Sales Person B (Emily)

So inside the 'Posturepedic Mattress (to track individual sales)', create four variants that look like this:

Now convert each variant into a bundle. Link the King A and King B to the main King Mattress product, and Queen A and Queen B to the main Queen Mattress product:

When a mattress sells, Employee A should select only variants marked with 'A' (or their name) while Employee B will only select variants marked 'B', and so on.

Also, because the variants are linked to the regular mattress product, whether you sell Queen - A or Queen - B, the exact same mattress will be deducted from inventory. 

This way, I can search the Sales Report by "A" or "B" (probably want to add a few more characters) and see who sold what!

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