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Reauthorize Integration Error

Re-connecting your integration to Thrive

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How do I fix this?

3 steps and we can get you back on track:

  1. Have the Account Owner log in. Only the Account Owner can reauthorize an integration.

  2. Go to the Locations & Integrations page and click the integration that needs to be reauthorized.

  3. Click the gear wheel to see the option to 'Reauthorize.'

Those steps will prompt you to log in and reconnect the integration, so have your point-of-sale login credentials handy.

What caused this?

This designation is from your provider. It means Thrive's access has been revoked from their end.

We have no control over this.

We also have no access to see exactly what changed that caused the permissions to be revoked.

All we know is that the point of sale provider told us we no longer have access to the information.

What does this look like exactly?

You'll see a red banner in the Dashboard that says: "You have an integration that needs to be reauthorized. Click here to correct this problem."

Click the link in the error message, or go to the Locations & Integrations page (in Settings) you'll see a red dot next to the integration status that says Reauthorize: 

This means Thrive is not receiving any data from that integration and is not able to send any inventory data. Effectively, the integration is disconnected from Thrive.

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