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User Single Session Management with Enhanced Security
User Single Session Management with Enhanced Security

Built-in protections for your log-in credentials.

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Safeguarding our customers’ data is one of Thrive's utmost priorities. That's why we introduced an enhanced layer of security for all Thrive accounts to help protect your data and ensure compliance with more sophisticated security protocols and standards.

Each user accessing your Thrive account will need to have their own individual username and password. Your current user account login information will only be usable on one device at a time. This will help you stay on top of what's happening in your business by creating accurate audit logs for each user account.

The primary benefits are as follows:

  • Your company’s Thrive Account Administrator will now have a complete picture of the updates and changes each employee is making in Thrive by looking at the audit log. This also allows Thrive's customer care team to provide faster and more detailed assistance by viewing a clear audit trail of the activities of individual users.

  • Better control of your company data since the Thrive Account Administrator can set up to 12 levels of accessibility to your data while controlling the actual actions individual users can take in the Thrive platform. Please see more on access permissions here.

  • Keep accounts secure since each user creates his or her own login credentials and can change and update the information as they deem appropriate. No “updating the team” when one individual changes the login credentials on a shared login. Password sharing is the most common cause of data breaches.

  • Owners can easily delete a user. This helps prevent a fired employee from causing havoc with your business.

How to Add More Users

Each Thrive plan comes with a preset number of users (click here to see what your plan allows). Please ensure you are utilizing all of the available user accounts on your plan. Ensure current user accounts are for active users. You should delete inactive users or replace inactive users with active users.

You can also add 5 additional users for $50/month (or $500 for the annual plan) by visiting your Billing page.

  • NOTE: Make sure a payment method is on file so the Add-on can be processed.

To see how many users your plan currently has and how many you are using, head to the Access Control page in settings.

What Happens if you're already logged in?

If you are trying to log in as a user that is already in another session, the screen above will pop up letting you know where the login is already being used and giving you the opportunity to log that session out. If you decide to log out of the other session, any unsaved work will not be saved.

If you do not choose to log out of the other user you will not be able to log in. Two users with the same login credentials cannot simultaneously access Thrive. You can use your username and password on multiple devices (office computer, home computer, etc.) as long as they are not being accessed at the same time.

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