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Thrive University || Course 1, Lesson 2 || Settings & Navigation Basics
Thrive University || Course 1, Lesson 2 || Settings & Navigation Basics

An introduction to Thrive Navigation, User Access, Location & Integration Settings.

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In this lesson of Thrive University, we'll show you how to get around within Thrive. We'll touch on setting up users, as well as general account settings and settings specific to your locations and integrations. Right this way to becoming a Thrive pro in no time!

Getting Started: Settings & Navigation Basics


  • We recommend each person using Thrive have their own login. This way, all changes and edits can be tracked back to the user who submitted that change. All activity can be viewed from the Audit Log.

  • Anything in blue text is clickable! Click around to find even more information on your inventory.

  • Hover over the ‘i’ bubbles you find throughout the software. There are helpful tips & tricks for you.

  • Make sure your timezone is set correctly for each location. Super important for reporting!


What is an integration?

Simply put, an integration is a sales channel. For example, Thrive integrates with these point-of-sale platforms: Clover, Shopify POS, and Square POS.

Thrive also integrates with these e-commerce platforms: Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Meta, Facebook Shops, and Instagram Shops.

Can I just use one login for all of my employees?

You can, although we wouldn't recommend it.

Giving each user their own login allows you to track changes being made down to the user who made them. If you use one login, for multiple employees, it can become impossible to know who made the change.

How do I add additional users?

Each plan comes with a set amount of users (see current plans and the number of users they come with here).

Additional user slots can be purchased and are bundled into packs of 5. If you need to add another user, head to the Billing page to access plan add-ons.

Can I connect my POS and e-commerce store to the same location?

Absolutely! If you are using both POS and e-commerce stores to pull products from the same pool of inventory, it would be ideal for the two to share the same location.

To best assist you with this, reach out to us via the chat bubble & we’ll help you determine the best game plan.

What are the features available on each plan level?

You can see the full feature list on our pricing page.

Test Your Knowledge!

How do you automatically restock products after a refund?

Depending on your integration type, these settings are located under the integration settings.

How many subscriptions do you need if you have multiple integrations connected to Thrive?

You just need one active subscription that covers all the locations and integrations you’re connecting to Thrive.

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