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Split Fulfillment Using Shopify

Complete orders at different locations in Shopify while maintaining accurate inventory counts across your integrations.

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Split fulfillment empowers you to complete a customer order through Shopify at one location, but fulfill that order (or part of it) from another Shopify location.

For example, you have the option to divide a customer's order between multiple fulfilling locations, depending on where products are currently in stock. Likewise, if a customer wants to make the purchase online, but then pick it up in-store, that works too. The end result is more options for customers and increased versatility for you and your team. All the while, we'll ensure precise inventory tracking along the way for all of your other integrations.

For Thrive to ensure proper deductions or restocks, we recommend all involved Shopify channels should be mapped in Thrive. Otherwise, if an order is fulfilled by or restocked to an unmapped location, we won't be able to pinpoint where the deduction/restock is happening, which can cause counts to be incorrect.

Thrive will directly mirror what happens in Shopify to ensure accurate deductions/restocks across your fulfilling locations. For example, if you change the fulfillment location for an order in Shopify, Thrive will automatically mirror the inventory adjustment that happens on the Shopify side.

The rules for which locations are used to fulfill orders, and in what priority, can be set up on your Shopify store. Here is more information about ensuring your Order Management is set up correctly in Shopify.

Setting up Split Fulfillment

If you are a brand-new customer, there is nothing that you will need to do on your end. You will already be set up to have Thrive work with Shopify's split fulfillment.

If you are an existing customer, you will be prompted to upgrade your permissions through Shopify.

The first step is to click the banner to upgrade your permissions as shown here:

Once you click "Upgrade this integration", you'll see a prompt explaining the process.

Click "Upgrade" and you'll be taken to Shopify's website. To accept the changes and upgrade permissions, click the green Update App button as shown here:

Then, you'll be returned to Thrive and you're all set. We will now start tracking those split fulfillment orders on Thrive for new orders moving forward.

Things to Note:

  • Sales will still be reported at the Default Location established in Shopify, regardless of where it was ultimately fulfilled.

  • If you were using a previously suggested workaround on Thrive to satisfy split fulfillment, you can stop once you've upgraded your permission for Shopify. Once you've successfully upgraded (by following the steps above), you can turn import stock counts off or conclude creating internal transfers for orders fulfilled outside of your default location.

  • Split fulfillment will only work in Thrive for orders initiated after upgrading your Shopify channel. Any orders that were started before Thrive was connected to Shopify (or before upgrading Shopify) will continue to be deducted from your store's default location regardless of which locations fulfilled them.

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