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Bundle Report

See the components that make up your existing bundles.

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The Bundle Report is a great option for viewing exactly what goes into your current bundles. The report is a snapshot of the other products (also referred to as components) that are bundled with your other products.

This is extremely helpful when trying to troubleshoot a confusing bundle, or wanting an overview of all the components that go into making a bundle.

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Report Summary

The columns in this report include:

  • Bundle Name

  • Bundle SKU

  • Bundle Categories

  • Assembly Cost

  • Locations where the bundle is active

  • Bundle Cost, Stock Quantity, and Price

  • Component name, SKU, quantity that is being deducted, and also current stock quantity.

    • NOTE: You might need to scroll over to see ALL of the columns

Things to Note:

  • Filter by Location by using the dropdown in the top-right corner of the report.

  • Keep in mind that this is an inventory report, so sales will not be shown here.

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