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Where and how to create discounts.

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Thrive allows you to change product prices but not set temporary discounts. Any discounts (such as 10% off the total order) can be set up directly in your integration.

If you are having a store sale, always add the sale directly to your integration.

If you have a specific product sale, add the sale directly in Clover, Square, and BigCommerce. If you have a product sale on Shopify or WooCommerce, add the sale in the integration or Thrive.

Here is a guide to where to add the sale price for each integration:


Directly in Integration

Directly in Thrive






  • *NOTE: You can use Thrive's integration-specific fields for Shopify and WooCommerce to set up sale prices.

Pro Tip

You can also set up alternate (or wholesale) pricing and BOGO Deals in Thrive for any integration.

Setting up Discounts for Shopify

Enabling the "Compare At Price" field, which is found in Settings>Integrations, can set up a temporary discount for Shopify.

Once enabled, the "Compare At Price" field displays the full price for an on-sale product. You can update in bulk using the Shopify Fields Spreadsheet.

Edit the "Compare At Price" individually by going to the Edit Products page under the Integrations tab, as shown below:

Finally, enter the discounted price in the price field on the Product Details page. The customer will see both the original and discounted prices on your Shopify website.

Setting up Discounts for WooCommerce

You can set a temporary discount if you have the Sale Price, Date on Sale from, and Date on Sale fields enabled in Settings>Integrations.

Once the field is enabled, update it in bulk using the WooCommerce Fields Spreadsheet.

Or, you can update the fields one by one on the Edit Products page, under the Integrations tab, where you can add the Sale Price, Date on Sale from, and Date on Sale to the fields.

Discounts on Reports

Our Sales Reports will include sales information where a discount was applied. You may have to select the Display button on the report and toggle the discount column.

Our Discounts Report will show an overview of all discounted sales over a given period of time. It will only include sales where a discount was applied.

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